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12gauge boom!, United States
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I am obsessed with green day and Bleach,Naruto,fullmetal alcemist and inu yashu.I like fishing and hunting.and video games and animals and 4-wheeling.

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Jun 27 2009 11:10PM
i got a pet snake today im not emo so his name is Bob
Jun 27 2009 11:09PM
bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored
May 24 2009 12:09AM
send me some mail crap!
May 24 2009 12:08AM
i got go the new green day album
May 24 2009 12:07AM
hi again
so so so bored]
May 24 2009 12:07AM
so so bored
Nov 1 2008 9:11PM
yo was up.i just just got back from deer hunting.with a 12 gauge 3 1/2 buckshot shell.I have to addmit it hurts.
But there was some trouble out there like when when we were there we forgott 2 bolts to the tree stand.So i had to go on foot.I stood for 2hrs with no break and it sucks but when you start to here a buck in the bushes then you wont care i can tell you that.But no i did not kill a deer my dad came out and and scared one away i was waiting for for 1hr.
Sep 1 2008 10:26PM
dove hunting
i got back from dove hunting about 6:38.we left at 11:00 drove for about 1hr 30min took to dove down 1 with a 20 gauge and the other with a 410.i got one of the doves' one of them when i started to walk towards it jumped into so bushes and now he's dead in a bush some were.i but other than it was awsome
Aug 27 2008 9:26PM
.20 gauge
i got my great grand dads .20 now i got 2 of his shotguns a .410 and a .20
Aug 15 2008 11:41AM
yo ppl check out my youtube acc by going to the link on my profile plzz


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Sep 1 2008 10:58PM

hey wats up?
Jul 13 2008 1:09AM

thnx 4 the comment!! >:P
Jul 12 2008 12:58AM

GREEN DAY ROCKZ!!!!!! plz comment back cya!!!!!!!
Jan 13 2008 12:44PM

hey man nm u
Dec 30 2007 1:52PM

hey dude wats up
Sep 18 2007 8:29PM

yo what up man

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