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Sep 18 2011 11:24PM
Exitinq the world xD
Off to bed , met the most Amazinq quy todayy !
Derekk :P <3
Finally someone who qetsz' my random happie'nessz' (:
Well qoodniqht babesz' .
Sep 18 2011 9:23PM
I<3Cuppcakess !
Eyy , Baee (: lol
Thiss Be Mandyy Hackinn' Sarahh<3 Yettt AGAIN !
Cuzz I'm Juss That Awesomee lmaoo..
Well BbyyGirl Our Timee Ta Be Together Will Come Soonn <3
I Promisee c: I Love Youu , Sarahh !
Likee ALOT & Nott Inaa Friendd Way Eitherr (; Lol
Youu Amazinn' c:
- Witt Muchh Lovee , Mandyy c:
Aug 8 2011 9:06PM
Thiss Be Mandyy<3 Hackingg Thiss Beautiful Person Hereee c: Lol
Sarahh ! OhMyGodd .. There Are Soo Many Things I Could Say About Youu ..
But I Dont Think They Would All Fit Hereee (: Lol
Your My BestFrieennddd . Always Weree <3 . Hehee
I Missed Youuu .. Soo ****ingg Muchh N Im So Glad Your Backk c:
Nevahhh Leave Me Againn . I Neeedd Muhh Bestfriendd (:
Hehee Well I Lovee Youu . & I Guess I'm Done Hereee Lol
.. For Noww ;D
- With Mucho Amor , Mandehh (:
Aug 8 2011 8:43PM
La La La Cymphonie's World;p
Hewwo Peoplez 0f M0STFUNGAMES!
Hear me Hear mee!
Imm Hackinn My Frienziee Accounnt!
Ha! Ha! Funn Shidd!
L0lz i Freakin Luff Yaa!
Nd i Hopee u guys Are Jello[Which iknoe ya are] buht yea!

Aug 8 2011 12:36AM
Faking Is A Way Of Saying Yew Hate Yew'rSelf !
IF Yew Indeed Enjoy FAKING other people,
Why Dont Yew FAKE message meh && Save yew'r self the time (:
The answer yew will get if attempted ; Nada♥.
Aug 8 2011 12:08AM
Aha, Question So Often Attempted (:
Do i Have A FACEBOOK!? Yesh, indeed i do.
Will i Give it out to anyone on here!? No, Deffinatly Will Fail If Attempted (:
Aug 7 2011 11:08PM
This Person, is indeed A FAKE !
He is Faking One of my friends, && Should be put to Shame!
Love Yah Cympphツ, Evn tho i dont know yah that well, i gottchur back! <3
W/♥SarahNicolee !
Aug 7 2011 4:16PM
The amazing SHAM-WOW♥
IM BACK! Haha other account didnt work out to well.
I missed all my peoples (:
Jul 20 2010 9:04PM
Storm Was Here<3
This ish Storm Hacking my secret lover(:
This chick right her ish fukking crazyy.!
Thatss why i love her<3
She ish also a freak in bed(;
Jk.....or am i?
Lmao well if you dont know this chick
Get to know herr(:
She ish the most sexual,crazy,funny,sexy,sweet girl
you will ever meet(:
Well atleast she ish sexual around me and Star(:
Of course we turn everyone on(;
Lmaoo Jk
Well i am in love with thiss chickk right here(:
She ish just amazing(:
She ish everyone's little girl
so if you hurt her we all hurt you.!
And were pretty crazy so buzz off of her(:
Lmaoo well byebye

p.s. Sex Ish For Sarah(:
Jul 20 2010 2:16PM
I have to go(:
We are all going to the Skate Park<3


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Sep 18 2011 9:11PM

Hell Yeahh ! (: Somee Dayy , Baee <3
Lovee Youu Tooo , Booo !
Aug 8 2011 10:38PM

I L O V E Y O U !<3 Nuff Saidd .
Justt Thoughtt Id Let You Know (:
-Love , Mandy c;
Jul 18 2010 11:42PM

i love u babe
Jul 16 2010 8:35PM

Yeah sarah!
You cant just givve up.!
i mean you have worked so hard to change.!
The boys will probaly kill each other, if your not there.!
what im trying to say is, we need you to be happpy and if your not happy none of us will be.!
sarah we all cant take seeeing you in pan like that.!
what do you think your boyfriend will think? Do you think he will be happy that your in pain?
Well you know he wont .! sarah you cant go back! nobody could handle you then.
nobody could take seeing you like that!
and they wont be able to now!
sarahbear please dont ****ing do this!
-Britany Ann
Jul 16 2010 8:27PM

NO!!!!! NO!!!! NO!!!!! NO!!!!
your not aloud to break your promise!
you cant go back to the way you were sarah!
not again, you have got so far.
dont just give up now!!!
you promised everyone you wouldnt!
well i will kick your ass if you do!
your like my little sister and i cant stand to see you in so much pain!
i wont do it, neither will blake!
you know how he felt when you were like that.
please sarahbear dont do this again!
Jul 4 2010 12:38PM

i own her heart nd everything!!
u cnt have her cuz nobody can love her more than me!
i love yhu sarahbear!
-kyle damen
Jul 3 2010 6:52PM

just stoping by.
to show ur page.
some love.
welp bye
Jul 3 2010 6:51PM

nahh i own her!!!
shess alll mine!
nobody can love her as much as i do!
and so is blakeyybear!
hehe well love yall!
~shelbie lynn
Jul 3 2010 1:32PM

nah she is mine!!
i love her more den any of yall niggahs
she is my sexyy beast
i own her,shelbie,nd britay!
there my sexii girlss!!!!!!!!
so beat that bish
love yhu sarahbear
-kyle damen
Jul 3 2010 12:50PM

i own he kyle and others im her new bf ok i love her no one else can have her NO 1
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