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☆This is an epty profile nikki is hacking it :)

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Dec 30 2010 11:33PM
Sorry boys but im off the chart this girl is taken by the best guy ever!! ^^"
Nov 15 2010 9:20PM
im over it..
wish i had more cheering up..
glad i have a great friend to depend on..
love you<333
Nov 11 2010 1:07PM
this computer is slow as hell -.-
hate this computer..
cant wait to get a desk top..
ugh getting a carry with laptop ^^"
Nov 7 2010 1:13AM
Alone in this bed!!
new fav song for now!!!
Framing hanely
Nov 5 2010 10:43PM
I Raped your mom!!
All i want is a good time..
cant believe you continued to read after the title..
shows how weird you are XD
anyways im tired outta my mind staid up for 5 days straight..
tired ugh...
message me!!
yesh you with the face dumb ass
Nov 5 2010 9:48PM
I whip my hair bac and forth i whip my hair bac and forth XD
love that song
Oct 17 2010 12:51AM
Check out my new pics on facebook!!
Add me and comment my pics :D
Oct 5 2010 3:50PM
Ugh in school...
It sucks out in a few though..
In study hall..
If i get caught Ima flip the **** out man
Sep 28 2010 7:05PM
Nikki looks so pretty with glasses :D
She should wear them more.
But they are fake cause if she wore real glasses they would screw her vision up.
she has better then perfect vision her doc said
Sep 28 2010 5:36PM
You say you love me..
Prove it and bac it up.
I'm tired of waiting and I'm begining to let go..
You'd have to beg me in order to win me bac..
I love you and you tore my heart out and for that you must win me over


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Dec 31 2010 5:45AM

i love you too :)
Dec 31 2010 4:39AM

i just love thoose comments lmao
Dec 31 2010 2:47AM

hey baby :)
Dec 28 2010 9:07PM

Nov 16 2010 5:31PM

o.o im not a douche Dx
Nov 6 2010 9:04AM

i am now its your turn
Oct 17 2010 10:10AM

Sexii Boi
Oct 14 2010 10:49PM

I Know! WE Are Totally Awesomee!xD
Were Friends FOREVER!xD
I Love Youu<3
Oct 14 2010 9:29PM

Rofl Oh kay. ;3
Oct 10 2010 2:11PM

Ohai ;3
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