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Message me(: Taken by Sheldon!<3

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Jan 18 2010 8:29PM
My best friend Nick, yayyyyy
Hey what up its Devin hear
hacking my friend Nick, you be
mean to him i'll kick your ass. I
got your back bud.

<3 Devin (=
Jan 14 2010 9:26PM
I miss licking it.
I miss sucking it.
I miss slurping the sticky wet juices off of it.
DAMN IT! i wish i din't drop my popsicle :D
Nov 4 2009 11:29PM
lol my ball!
( '_')
(> )>O I was going to give you a Toy Ball

.....('_' )
O<( <) But then i was like...

. (>O<) Im gonna miss my ball!!!

( '_')
(> )>O Then i said: sharing is good....

......('_' )
.O<( <) But then i was like...

. (>O<) ITS MY BALL!!!
. U....U

(> <) so I eated it!
Nov 4 2009 11:29PM
i got tht **** stuck in my head cuz i was babysittin this kid and he was watching it
did u kno tht the best part of a secret is secretly telling sum1 ur secret secretly adding another secret 2 ur secret collection of secrets secretly :P:P:P:P
Nov 4 2009 11:27PM
read like the instructions say
I need to tell you a secret LO0K AT 5
[2] The answer is L0OK AT 11
[3] Dont get mad L0OK AT 15
[4] Calm down don't be mad L0OK AT 13
[5] First L0OK AT 2
[6] Dont be that angry L0OK AT 12
[7] i just wanted to say hi
[8] What I wanted to tell you is...THE ANSWER IS ON 14
[9] Be patient L0OK AT 4
[10] This is the last time I'm going to do this L0OK AT 7
[11] I hope you're not mad when I say this L0OK AT 6
[12] Sorry L0OK AT 8
[13] Don't be getting a hype L0OK AT 10
[14] I dont know how to say this L0OK AT 3
[15] You must be really mad L0OK AT NUMBER 9


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Jun 20 2011 1:16AM

Nickasarus I love you
You are such a cutie :P
Shelly XD
May 24 2011 7:29AM

Teehee Ima treat you right and you're gonna be mine forever
I love you *snuggles* :D ♥♥♥Nick + Sheldon♥♥♥
Sheldon or Shellyboo
Jan 4 2010 6:54PM

Jan 3 2010 8:48PM

>.> nu uhhhhhh
Jan 3 2010 12:11AM

yah, and pigs fly. (no, no they don't) >.>
Jan 2 2010 1:15PM

lol, u need 2 work on ur british more than x3 and stop blaming pablo for everything lol!

<3 Ur British Teacher
Jan 2 2010 12:13AM

zomeh god I 4got to write back on ur profile... teheh *talks in a british accent* u rrrrrrr meh british chap a damsel in destress and I good sir, and here to savveee you, becuase I madame, am your hero, and ur not a bloody wanker, who in gods name would call you sucha thing? x3

<3 Your british chap 'n pal 'n hero 'n artiiisstt
-Sir, Blake
Jan 1 2010 4:04PM

*waits*... well, I'm not seeing anything haha
Jan 1 2010 3:47PM

nu nu sir, I don't think so lol xP
Jan 1 2010 3:20PM

giant cheesecake with extra frosting and a blue monster on the side with some choco chip cookies x)

(can't beat my randomness can yew?)
I l.o.v.e DrAmA :3

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