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im in engaged with a awsome guy that loves me to i die and we r gettin married New blood joins this Earth And quickly he’s subdued Through constant pain disgrace The young boy learns his rules With time the child draws in This whipping

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Jan 6 2010 11:00PM
stop pervs and cheaters....messed up people
Stop Pervs & cheaters

Stop Pervs.

Girl: hey we have been freinds for 3 years and everything, sooo... do you want to go out?
Boy: yeah sure i'd love to girl i love you, uh... hold on i have to go the rest room.
Girl: ok babe.

so the boy goes into the bathroom, and takes out his phone and calls a girl.

Boy: uh babe im sorry but my cuzent wants to go to a scary movie and has a left over ticket and he asked me so yeah bye.

so the boy goes to talk to his afaring new girl freind.

Girl: babe i have to get home. sorry.
Boy: ok baby. * slaps her ass *

girl walks away blushing.
the boy walks over to a diffrent girl.

Boy: hey sexy *boy grabs her ass*

the different girl turns around and she turns out to be his first girl freind that hes cheating on. but the girl hes cheating on has a wig on and she kicks him in the Balls, and she sez i hate you you jerk. she runs away crying so if your agenst cheating and these ****ed up perverts out there copy this story on to your blog


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