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im single,lez, 22 years old, guys plz stop messaging me that your horny. you turn me off. Let's make it easier... guys don't message me at all ^^^^^ ^^^^^^

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Apr 19 2012 10:41PM
10% luck
20% skill
15% power of will
5% strength
50% pain
And of course... 100% part of the game
Apr 10 2012 10:19PM
biggest lie a girl has ever told
"Yeh,I don't have a lot of pictures of me on my"
Reality-429 pics
Apr 9 2012 10:36PM
Type your names-Paige
Type your name with your elbows-paigrde
Type your name with your eyes closed-Paige
Type your name with your nose-osige
Slam your face into the keyboard-fggtfjuh
I suck at my name!!!:(
Apr 9 2012 9:00PM
inbox me the answers
kiss me-
Hug me-
Tounge me-
Strip me-
Sex with me-
Love me-
Hang out with me-
Hate me-
Apr 8 2012 10:46PM
biggest bull**** on here
You-hey! What's your email???
Stranger-oh I don't have one:(
You thinking-liar liar liar you needed a ****ing email to make an account smart one =0
Apr 7 2012 1:18AM
Girls inbox me any question and you will get the truth
Apr 6 2012 11:25PM
im so proud of you
im so, im so, im so proud of you
im so, im so, im so proud of you
Apr 6 2012 6:53PM
BTW guys
TOO ALL GUYS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
any of you message me that your horny, that im so sexy you wanna do me, anything, and i mean anything, sexual at all. YOU WILL BE BLOCKED<<<<<<<<<<<<<,
Apr 6 2012 1:37PM
perverted guy
umm pls change ur pic ur destroying my **** it feels like it bout to explode wtf u killed its rock hard
Apr 6 2012 12:31PM
OMFG so people are so ****ing perverted and weird... and thats coming from me, so it means your really messed up but anyway, at the beach tannning and next thing i know,a random like 75-85 year old man is reaching inside my bikini and touching me , boobs and ***** everything. so i slap him and then everyone looks at me like im the bad guy.FML


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