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Hey!! I'm Vanessa so ya im 15 but i turn 16 in May!! umm..hmm... so i cheer and dance Pink is soo my favorite color haha im really good at prolly the sweetest person u will ever meet....and i LOVE to talk haha and laugh..

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Jul 22 2008 12:39AM
I love u michael
babe I love u soo much even though other guys may like me u r the one and only guy I ever want.. Meeting u was the best damn thing that ever happened to me.. I love u michael, I love how we have our life planned out with our kids and cars and wedding babe u r more than I could ever ask for and I love u
Jul 10 2008 9:10AM
u know what
hey baby u know what youll never be my Ex ull always be mine forever ill never have a bf like u.. im so sorry i got caught..... ill miss u but when im 18 we r together for every in our house with our pink and blue car and kids!!!! i cant wait to marry u Michael Patrick i love u forever!!!!!!
Jul 8 2008 12:16AM
my weasal
I have the most ahmazing boyfriend ever I love u michael
Jun 28 2008 1:49PM
my answers for my baby
1. Whats your Name? ....Vanessa..2. Are we close?....yes VERY close ..3. What do you think of me?.....i think of u as my soulmate and my favorite person in the world and of course my BF.. 4. Do you hav a crush on me?...hmm i guess u could say soo but i have more than a crush on u ..5. Would u kiss me?...Heck yes (i already have haha) ....6. would u go with me?...umm i already am!!!!... 7. Describe me in 3 words? funny and the sweetest person ive ever met.. 8. If u Had Me for 30 Mins wat would you do?...hmm whipped cream haha... 9. What was ur first impression of me? first i was like wow hes hot i wana date him hehe... 10. Do u still think the same bout me?....not really cause i know u alot more now and i think even better of you now i love u to death and i dont wana date u cause i already am!!.. 11.. What reminds u of me?...every time i hear "more than anyone"... 12. If you could give me anything what would it be?......plane tickets to come see me.. 13. How well do u know me? me i know u VERY well hehe.. 14. What do u like best about me?...ur smile and sense of humor (o and the face u make when u eat 5 sour warheads)... 15. Ever wanted 2 tell me something u could'nt? dad doesnt know about u (well u know that now but i wanted to tell u b4)... 16. Could you ever love me?....Heck yes baby i love u right now!!... 17. Give me a nickname and explain why?....weasal cause its who u are haha actually i just like it its cute but if i had to make my own nick name for u it would have to be Sexy Super Model (haha and i think u know why) 18...R u gonna put this on ur blog and c wat i say bout u?......yes i am well im going to but ur answers in my blog and u'll prolly put my answers in ur blogs actually im going to my answers in my blog and urs aswell!!... 19.Anything 2 say b4 u go? ..I Love u m Michaeland i want my pink car hahaha 2 years baby 2 years!!....20.Rate me 1-10 .......hmmm aTRillion!!!!!!!!!! GO ME!!! i love you babe XOXOXO
Jun 28 2008 1:48PM
my baby Michael's answers
1. michael 2. hell yes 3. beautiful, funnie, the list goes on 4ever 4. well duh 5. hell yeah6. i already am 7. beautifully unresistably beautiful (hmm i like those 3) 8. i would do whatever you would want to do9. how beautiful u r 10. yes i do. 11. hmm i dont think there is anything that could remind me of you cause your 1 and only (i like that 1 to)12. my love 4ever but you already have that so hmm i would give you anything you wanted no matter the price 13. i think i know you pretty well although i still dont know ur last name 14. hmm that would be everything 15. nope i tell you everything 16. i already do 17. babe v cause your my babe and the 1st letter of your name is v 18.maybe 19. i love you. 20. 100,000,000(he had alot more 0's but it needed to be modified)
Jun 26 2008 2:19PM
Im Burning Up For You Baby
You turn the temperature hotter
Cause I'm burning up
Burning up
With you baby..

I walk in the room
All I can see is you
You're staring me down
I know you feel it too

BABY i love you!!!! this song is made for me and u hehehe
Jun 26 2008 2:11PM
GO ME!!!
Go me i definatley scored the best boyfriend EVER i love him to death he means the world to me!!! i will never ever lose him!!!!! i love you Michael till the end of time (actaully i will love u after that too)

Jun 22 2008 10:34PM
this is what my sweet bf wrote me
I need to tell you something,... I'm on a drug. This isn't just any drug though,... It's name is Vanessa, and it is VERY addicting. I can't be off this drug, because being away from it makes me depressed. I have a feeling that I'm going to be on this drug for life, but that doesn't bother me, because I LOVE YOU FOREVER with ALL OF MY HEART.

I'm going to love you more than anyone ever can. I'm 150,000,000% dedicated to you. I'll never do anything to hurt you, but if i ever do, I'll just say I LOVE YOU and IM SORRY, and then hug you even if you don't want me to. I'll never stop loving you ever. Death won't even be able to stop me from LOVING YOU, because when i say "I LOVE YOU FOREVER" i mean it with ALL MY HEART.
Jun 22 2008 9:52PM
i still love you
i love you baby fights just make us stronger, i still love you, i'm sure i make u mad some times too.... but we will always have each other together forever its me and u bby till the end of time!!
Jun 19 2008 5:12PM
My Baby
mmm soo i love my baby so much!!!!!! whipped cream i know u have alot of fans........BUT im ur number #1... u mean the world to me bby nothing will change that....... ur always on my mind 24/7 with chocolate syrup haha i love u weasal!!!! we all know nessy cant spell hahah



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Aug 3 2008 11:56PM

no problem yo just bein there 4 ya well see ya around
Jul 29 2008 1:55AM

Jul 27 2008 12:16PM

H3y ju5t 5how3n y4 p4g3 5um l0v3 h3y p3opl3 thi5 i5 on3 of d4 b35t fri3nd5 3v4 4nd mi bff 533 y4 4round
Jul 22 2008 1:30AM

ima love you 4ever no matter how many fights we may get in or no matter how much you could make me mad ima love you 4ever babe
Jul 16 2008 9:30PM

im in love with you to my nessy
Jul 16 2008 6:44AM

hunnie i love you more thna anything or anyone else on this planet. you are my one and only lover girl, and that is how it is staying 4ever. i love you so much
Jul 11 2008 1:52PM

just show3n sum lov 2 yo p4g3
Jul 11 2008 7:47AM

"what's Minnie without Mickey?? what's Tigger without Pooh?? what's patrick without Spongebob?? what's me without you?? send to 10 ppl u love or friends you never wanna lose!! If u get this back it means, you are important to them too. ""
Jul 10 2008 10:56AM

Jul 8 2008 1:09AM

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