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Aug 21 2008 10:17PM
b boy stance
Yooo...I get it poppin' on the block like a B-Boy
If you cop a couple of rocks you get a free boy
You could take a couple of shots and get a key loy
If you try to take what I got, a stick me boy
See boy tryna **** around with me boy
Your wrist like ****in' a b**** with no C boy
I'm a G boy, get smoked by the P boy
Coke by the key boy, got dope and the E boy
Me boy, I'm bout to take the industry over
Like for war we was meant to be soldiers
I sat back for years and watched rap cats pretend to be Hova
Pretend to be BIG, pretend to be Pac, pretend to be hot
But all that pretendin' gon' eventually stop
And the slugs gonna eventually pop
Cause all the real thugs in the box or the penatentary ock
VIP lookin' like a penetentary block..when I'm..
Okayy.. I'm fresh to death like a million bucks
My Benz got big rims and my ceilin' lift up
Dependin' on how I'm feelin' might be wheelin' the truck
Either way the chicks still on my nuts
You know what Im sayin', I ain't playin' with them niggas that be feelin' they tough
I ain't a killa but you still will get touched
I network, sweatshirt with the hood, got the steel in the truck
And my lil man feelin' the dutch while I chill in the cut
On my lean, chicks feelin' my stance
Chinese print on the jeans, chicks feelin' my pants
And I got the steel in my pants, don't grind on me
I can't dance I got the nine on me
The.. hecklor and koch mami fresh from the box mami
Got your punani wet cause I'm fresh to the socks mami
Fresh from the block mami, so I'm makin' it fun
See life a b**** but I'm makin' her cum and I'm
Aug 21 2008 9:51PM
got money
I was bouncing through the club
She loved the way I did it but
I see her boyfriend hatin' like a city cop
Now I ain't never been a chicken but my fitty cock
Say I ain't never been a chicken but my samy cock
Now where your bar at?
I'm tryna run it out
And we so bad about it
Now what are you about?
DJ show me love, he say my name when the music stop
Young Money, Lil Wayne then the music drop
I make it snow, I make it flurry
I make it out like tomorrow don't worry
Yeah, Young Wayne on them hoes
A.k.a. Mr. Make it rain on them hoes (young money)
Here we go one for the money, two for the show
Now clap your hands if you got a bank robe
Like some clap on lights in this b****
I be clapping all night in this b****
Lights off, man it's on
She saw me, she smiling, he muggin'
Who cares, cause my guns are right here
I is lootsin to a big dog
And I'm a great Dane, I wear eight chains
I mean so much ice, they yell skate Wayne!
She wanna f**k me, but she wanna rick
wayneOkay, it's Young Wayne on them hoes
A.k.a. Mr. Make it rain on them hoes
Like ehhhh!
Everybody say Mr. Rain man can we have a rainy day?
Bring a umbrella, please bring a umbrella
Ella, ella, ella ehhh!
b**** ain't **** but a hoe in a trick
Bet you no one ain't trick if you got it
You know we ain't f**king if you not thick
And I cool your ass down if you think you're hot ****
So rolex watch this
I do it 4 5 6 my click
Clack goes the black hoe pimp
And just like it I blow that ****
Cause b**** I'm the bomb like (tick tick)
Aug 21 2008 9:48PM
Fresh on campus it's the Birdman Jr
Money too long teachers put away ya rulers
Raw tune not a cartoon
No shirt, tattoos, and some war wounds
I'm hot but the car cool
She wet that's a carpool
Been in that water since a youngin you just shark food
Quick Draw McGraw I went to art school
Yeah the lights is bright but I got a short fuse
Don't snooze
Been handling the game so long my thumb bruise
Ya new girlfriend is old news
Yeen got enough green and she so blue yeah
Cash Money Records where dreams come true
Everything is easy baby leave it up to Weezy Baby
Put it in the pot let it steam let it brew
Now watch it melt don't burn ya self
Ridin' by myself well really not really
So heavy in the trunk make the car pop-a-wheelie
Who? Weezy Baby or call me Young Baby
My money 360, you only 180
Half of the game too lazy
Still sleepin' on me but I'm bout to wake em
Yep! I'm bout to take em to New Orleans and bake em
Yeah it's hot down here take a walk with Satan yeah
Come on mama let The Carter make ya
Toss ya like a fruit salad strawberry-grape ya
They ball when they can and I'm ballin' by nature
Addicted to the game like Jordan and Payton
Yall in a race and me I'm at the finish line
They running for too long it's time to gimme mine
Straight down ya chimney in ya living room is I
Weezy allergic to wintertime... hot
Aug 9 2008 11:57PM
let me like u up and down
let me lick you up and down till you say stop
let me play with you baby make you real hot
let me do all the things you want me to do
cuz to night baby I want to get freaky with you

baby don't you understand I wanna be your next man
I wanna make your body scream
then you will just know what I mean
24 caret gold don't want carets to go to hold
I wanna lick up up and down
and then I want to lay you down
I love the taste of whip cream
spread I on don't be mean
you know I can't resist you girl
I'll fly you all around the world
I wanna see your body true
come on let me take a sip
so come on with your
let me lick you up and down till you say stop
let me play with you baby make you real hot
let me do all the things you want me to do
cuz to night baby I want to get freaky with you
Aug 9 2008 10:23PM
freestyle part 2
My crew be deliverin hot lead when gats are clenched
Rappers I jack and lynch
Nobody can **** with the way I be killing the **** in rap events
Big C is the nigga you expect
To catch wreck in any cassette deck
I'm so ahead of my time, my parents haven't met yet
I'm feeling like Billy Bathgate
My rap style is past great
I love to **** a b**** from the back and watch her ass shake
I probably got your mommy strung
Niggaz hear me and take more notes than Connie Chung
My clan plans to get Guillianni hung
Never had a gassed head
Got loot cause I stash bread
Try to tax and I'ma beat your fagot ass half-dead
I stomp white cops till the life stops
For a low price hops
Cause my blood is colder than an ice box
On 1-3-9 you don't want a block war
Cause my crew will kill a nigga from the lobby to the top floor
And every time a mack eleven bucks
I'm killing at least seven ducks
I never was a follower of Reverend Butts
The b**** type I dislike, I'm rougher than a fist fight
All chicks ain't ****, ain't no such thing as Miss Right
So we can never be a couple hun
**** love, all I got for ho's is hard **** and bubble gum
And clown emcee's I be attacking quick
I'm on some rappin **** and some car jackin ****
I ran up on this nigga name Mac in a black ac
And put the gat to his cap, click-clack
Sorry jack but get up out of that
My 38 works great, so make a mistake and hesitate
I can't wait to demonstrate this nickel plate
He didn't listen to what I was speakin
He started reaching
So I left him sleepin with his temple leaking
Aug 9 2008 10:20PM
Yo, check it
Yo, I got slugs for snitches
No love for b****es
Puttin thugs in ditches
When my trigger finger itches
I got a rep that make police jet
Known to get a priest wet
I never beg for ***** like Keith Sweat
Is Big C slow? Hell no
b****es get ****ed on the roof when I ain't got no hotel dough
I'm known for yoking jacks
And beatin them with smoking gats
Leavin token blacks with broken backs and open caps
So with that bull****, step to the rear son
The last thing you want with Big C is a fair one
Cause in a street brawl, I strike men like lightning
You see what happened in my last fight friend?
Aight then
I beat kids with lead pipes
I leave a trail of dead mic's
Where I'm from, niggaz jewels get ran like red lights
Old folks get mugged and raided
Crimes are drug related
And we live by the street rules that thugs created
Clowns get smoked about a thousand volts
For selling pounds of coke
Front in this town and get a tech stuck down your throat
I'm tellin you **** is about to get drastic soon
I'm quick to blast a goon
And break a mother****er like a plastic spoon
I got the looks that make your hotty stare
I keep a shotty near
It's the nigga with notty hair who Gotti fear
Tracks I'm know to roast
Until the microphone is ghost
Props I own the most
I'm leaving niggaz comatose
Front and get your brain pinched
Big C will have your whole gang lynched
I started smoking dust and been insane since
This rap **** was a great gift
The other night some snake riffed
And got a hot lead face lift
All through high school I had braids
I kept mad blades
Stabbing teachers to death that gave me bad grades
I cook the mic like a beef steak
Cause my techniques great
And I'm the nigga police hate in each state
Cause I'm the neighborhood lamper
Punk brother vamper
**** around you'll find my silk boxers in your mother's hamper
Cops drop when my glock makes a pow sound
I'm from a whyle town
You know my style clown, so bow down
Aug 9 2008 10:18PM
A yo spark up the phillies and pass the stout
Making quick money grip before your ass is out
In a street brawl I strike men quicker than lightning
You seen what happened in my last fight friend? iight then
C's a clever threat, elerisis who never sweat,
Comparing yourself to me is like a Benz to a chevelette
And clown rappers I'm bound to slay
I'm saying hi to all the cuties from around the way
Yeah, cause I got all of them sprung Jack
My girls are like boomer-rings
No matter how far I throw them, they come back
I'm coming straight out the N.Y.C., I'm down with diggin in the crates
And I'm M.V.P. yeah!
Yo it's a must that I get papes
Peace to all the DJ's who gave me love on their mix tapes
And once again the man's back with a denged track
So here's your chance jack to get loose and let your hand clap.
I got juice like voco, mad crues I broke thru,
niggas be getting mad cause I hit more chicks than they spoke to.
And everytime I'm in a jam I always find a loophole,
I got a crime record longer than Manute Bol.
And my raps is unbelievable like aliens and flying sorcers
No more iron horses cause I'm buying porches.
I'm coming straight out the NYC peace to the Kid Carpi, I'm M.V.P.
Battles I loose none I make crues run
I get fools done, got ten fingers but only use one.
My run is like Machine Gun Kelly, with a black skully,
Put one in your belly, leave you smelly, and take your Pelle Pelle.
I'm the neighborhood lampor, punani vamper, mess around you'll find My silk
boxers in your mommy's hamper.
And nowadays girls want you for your money,
I'm like Hev, I got nothing but love for you honey.
And yes I'm living slick and my pockets are thick,
I need surgery to get chicks removed from my (chill)
I'm coming straight out the N.Y.C., raps my job, and I'm M.V.P.
Aug 9 2008 10:17PM
put it on
Aiyyo, you betta flee hobbes, or get your head flown three blocks
C keep rappers hearts pumpin like reeboks
And every year I gain clout and my name sprouts
Some brothersd still be large if the crack never came out
I got the wild style, always been a foul child
My guns go poom-poom, and yo guns go pow-pow
Im known to have a hottie open, I keep the shottie smokin
Front and get half the bones in your body broken
And when it comes to gettin nookie Im not a rookie
I got girls that make that chick toni braxton look like whoopie
I run with sturdy clicks Im never hittin dirty chicks
Got thirty-five bodies, buddy dont make it thirty-six
Step to this youre good as gone, word is bond
I leave mics torn when I put it on
Nobody can take nuttin from big l but a loss chief
The last punk who fronted got a mouth full of false teeth
Im known to gas a hottie and blast the shottie
Got more cash than gotti (you dont know? ) you betta ask somebody
Big l is a crazy brother, and Im a lady lover
A smooth kid thatll run up in your baby mother
I push a slick benz, Im known to hit skinz
And get endz and commit sins with sick friends
Cause Im a money getter, also a honey hitter
You think you nice as me? ha ha, youse a funny nigga
I flows, so one of my shoes, wouldnt be clever to miss
Im leavin competitors pissed
To tell you the truth, it gets no better than this
Im catchin wreck to the break of dawn
And its on, yo its a must that I put it on
Aug 9 2008 10:10PM
devil son
"I'm waving automatic guns at nuns"

C's a rebel, on a higher level, go get a shovel
Cause I'm the only son of the mother****ing devil
It's a fact I'm living foul, black
Niggas should have known I was sick from the **** I did a while back
Cause being bad I couldn't stop
When I was in pre-school, I beat a kid to death with a wooden block
Faggot niggas I was back slapping
I realized that every time I got mad something bad happened
A nigga hit me with a can of beer, then he ran in fear
Later they found him hanging from a chandelier
Enemies I be bucking quick
My moms know who I am because she know who she was ****ing with
On my skull the 666, no tricks
When I catch fits, my mom picks up the crucifix
And I kill chumps for the cheapest price
I'm rolling with Satan, not Jesus Christ
Enemies I got several done
Big L straight from hell, the mother****ing Devil's Son

It's Big C and I'm all about taking funds
I'm a stone villian known for killing and raping nuns
Ayo I even kill handicapped and crippled b****es
Look at my scalp real close and you'll see triple sixes
There's no doubt I'm all about a dollar
I just signed a lifetime contract with the funeral parlor
This kid that owed me dough, I didn't take his life
Instead I tied him up and made him watch me rape his wife
One nigga cold tried to diss me and that **** is risky
The nigga took a swung but he missed me
So I popped off mad chunks not junk
I spit in his mother****ing face and then walked off
Once a hottie shot me with a shottie
I died but then I came back to life in another body
The way I'm living is dead wrong
I'm a devil from Hell without the tail or the red horns
Killing is fun, I'm #1 with a gun
Front and get done, cause you can't run from the Devil's Son
Aug 5 2008 9:50PM
so into u
I can't really explain it
I'm so into you now
I wanna be more than a friend to you now
When they ask, I mention my babygirl in the interviews now
And I don't bring the problems from the 90s and the 2 thou
Theres no reason to have a friend or two now
Cuz the kids ready to tell you how he feel and a few vows
Maybe I speak in general now
But girl, imma do whatever just to keep a grin on u now
Where I roll, they wear bikinis in the winter too now
What you think about tan lines on the skin of you now?
Why wouldn't I wanna spend a few thou
On fifth ave, shopping sprees and them dinners to chow
I aint concerned with other men with you now
As long as when I slide up in you, you growl
And any dude with you, he better be a kin to you now
And I aint jealous, it's the principle now
I'm so into you
Come on ma'...
It's more than the flashin', I woulda' traded it all in a ordinally fashion
A villa in Florida we crashin'
Just off the shore, so you can hear when the water be splashin'
Drop top pre in the quarta' we dashin'
Flawless diamonds in the boarda' flashin'
And the money we outta be stashin'
I make sure every quarta' be cashin'
I can't really explain it
My friends be thinkin' i'm slippin'
These girls be thinkin' i'm trippin'
What kinds of weed he be smokin', What type of drinks he be sippin'
Sweet thing just to think of you dippin'
You had me with the blues so hard, you would think I was crippin'
Now you relaxing in the benz
Credit cards with no limit, so you won't worry about maxing when you spend
Ever since you been asking about the friends
How'd you like if both our names had Hamilton at the end


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Nov 7 2009 11:55PM

yooh remeba meh???
jessica coulter
Feb 17 2009 2:12PM

U need a new pic
Dec 6 2008 9:40AM

Heyy No Ones Showin Yuh Sum Love So I Am Haha Well Dis Tmye Showin Muh Sexii Love For Yah Aight? Kayy Peece(:
Jul 22 2008 11:23PM

sup y havent u ben on in 4ever
Jul 20 2008 11:05AM

Hey! Well Im Juss Showin Yu Sum Sexii Luhv From Yah Ghurl Angel!! Lmao Kkpce T2yl Mayn..Return Dah Luhv=D
Jul 12 2008 12:24AM


Jul 12 2008 12:11AM

Jul 9 2008 8:21PM

wat up!!!!!!:) jus showin yo page sum luv. show sum back:)
e ice
Jul 4 2008 11:57AM

WAT DA ****
e ice
Jul 3 2008 4:14PM

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