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Aug 28 2008 1:00AM
im lilly685 lol and i hate life lolz
Jul 29 2008 6:29PM
You don't look hard to find
What's deep in your mind
It's easier to hate than see
Your convictions of stone
You kill off your own
You desperately want to be
Masses dead inside open up your eyes
You're broken and cold seeing your blindsight
Why's humankind going down
Am i the only one that can see it
Am i the only one that can feel it
Why's the human mind slowing down
Am i the only one that can see it
Am i the only one - why am I going down
Your going down sucker
Yeah sucker down
I see through your disguise
Your self-righteous lies
Destroy what you don't understand
I cannot help but feel
That time doesn't heal
Impressions that will never mend
I have come to realize
When i look in your eyes
I'm staring back at me.......


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