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im da fullest 100% 4 real no body tell me that i am not because i real so all you haters that dont think i aint then dont tex me cause i aint gonna be dealin wit u so bac up k

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Aug 8 2009 4:50PM
life is awsome
 .│▒ /▒/─┬─┐ *
.└┐▒▒▒▒▒▒┌┘ *
Jul 31 2009 3:56PM
if u hatin start appreciatin because i aint fin 2 start stuff wit u iight
Jul 29 2009 2:15PM
This Is one legged BOB Copy And Paste Him So He can take over mostfungames
Jul 29 2009 12:33PM
i love me
i care about me everything really bout me forget wat u heard about me cause if there aint no me there be no me see...see
Jul 29 2009 11:56AM
my friends
a true freind will be there for u not switch out on you so if u like a close freind wel stick wit dem if u not den get out of my face cause yall aint lik me cause i stick
Jul 29 2009 11:54AM
all da haters that hate wel keep hatin cause u aint the badest b**** like me so hahahahaa
Jul 28 2009 10:52PM
who i am$$$$$
im bad i get in trouble all da time and i only get grounded for a week and i dont care i still go on wit wat i got 2 do so i the fullest for ever so get real hahahahaha.........


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Jul 29 2009 4:07PM

1st one to say respect to ur page it all bout the truth

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