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b-town, FL, United States
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my nickname lina or the real deal. i keeps it real wit erribody.i love to dance, hang wit my ppls, shop, and many more. i am a funny sweet nice wild typa chiic who dnt do to many people. well you know some things about me. im single & lookin.
i have a myspace comment if u want to find me

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Jan 19 2010 11:59PM
A new me!!!!!!
Omqq;; I have a new additude on how I go by sh*t;; and I have braces but I look like a sexy geek lol. Still single and lookin for that sumbody to act right but still be funny and know how to turn it off. I'm a real trill typ chiic who fights her own battles boo. Ttyl ppls!!!
Dec 31 2009 10:45PM
Happy Freaking New Year
Happy new year ppls. Start planning 4 this year. I know I am. Whoo hoo! Lol


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Jan 20 2010 4:23PM

Wats ur myspace?
Jan 2 2010 7:19PM

YAY!!! it's finnaly 2010... i hope this year better than last year =)
Dec 11 2009 6:29PM

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Dec 1 2009 11:27PM

hey im just showin sum luv 2 yo profilee...

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