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kesha's real name is, Chad
About Me:
┌∩┐(◕_-)┌∩┐ my name is amber ..thats all u need to know.. bitches can go get stitches. i come on once in a while to check messages :9

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Bass.Down.Low <3
Nov 5 2011 3:11AM

i miss you too!
Bass.Down.Low <3
Sep 5 2011 3:33AM

why hello there how r u?
Aug 18 2011 9:53PM

baby i love u and i would NEVER cheat on u its jus ive been through alot wit dj and no one was there and i tried to get on wit my phone but it wouldnt let jus message me or go and add me on fb Dominic Sanchez and we'll talk,love u,bye
Bass.Down.Low <3
Aug 18 2011 1:07PM

aww man amber u stole my area!!!
Bass.Down.Low <3
Aug 11 2011 1:10PM

amber dont u dare do this!
u have me and connor and just everyone loves u!
even josh and wats his face ur bf? idk
but please dont do thiss!!!
Jul 18 2011 11:43PM

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Jul 7 2011 12:02AM

hey, i changed my avatar!
Jun 28 2011 11:55AM

and make sure he says YESH!!!!
Jun 22 2011 4:59PM

im srry ....
i know why you were depressed
i feel bad
you will find someone someday
even though itz different now
you will live through it :)
Jun 12 2011 10:17AM

l love u 2
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