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R.I.P Nicky <3 8|24|93 - 11|6|10

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Nov 7 2010 10:26PM
Love you forever and ever hun <3
Oh Nicky baby, I can't stand to think of you as gone.
This thought is eating at my heart. I have never felt such pain.
Why did you have to go. Please come back I miss you and love you so much.
I remember all the fun times we had. Way back when you used to be so happy.
Way back when we used to climb trees to watch the sun set. When we used to take walks at midnight just so you can smell the night air. The times we shared were oh so wonderful. Now that I can't share anymore has me lost in space. I feel as if my heart has been ripped out and thrown millions of miles away.
You have always been there for me. For your sister. For you friends. You were never selfish. You always did what was best for everyone. Changing your life just so you can make everyone else happy.
I wish I could be like you love. That day I got the call. Killed me from the inside out. I will never forget you Nicky my heart where ever it may be. Well always be open to you <3
~ Jamie
Nov 7 2010 2:13PM
Nicky, I love and I will forever miss you.
You were the best brother anyone could ask for.
You mean the world to me. I don't know how I am supposed to move on through life without your guidance.
You were always there for me when I needed you most. No matter how far away you were.
We all make mistakes and my biggest mistake was forgetting to tell you I love you.
Nicky where ever you may be I hope the best and I wish you out of anymore pain.
I love you ~Danielle, Ryan & Connar

R.I.P Nicky Connor Aime
8|24|93 - 11|6|10
Jul 23 2010 5:37PM
My last song :]

sσмεтιмεs.. ιт's нαя∂ тσ sαү gσσ∂вүε,
вυт ωнεη үσυ тяү тσ sтαη∂ υρ αη∂ үσυ
נυsт gεт ρυsнε∂ ∂σωη.
үσυ кησω,
үσυ ғεεℓ,
үσυ ℓεαяη. gσσ∂вүε ιsη'т sσ вα∂, gσσ∂вүε
ιsη'т ғσяεvεя... мσяε ℓιкε...
αη εαsү ωαү тσ,
ηεvεя ғσяgιvε.

ᴵ ᶫᵒᵛᵉ ᵧₒᵤ
ηιcкү вιsнεsღ
Jun 16 2010 10:09PM
Gonna Be Going!
Okayy everyone!
So this is a plan to keep
Sorreeh if yew get upset but i have a life!
I've gotten my wonderful Dylan back
And my friends!! So.. that means..
I can leave =D
Yup leave..
June 30!! The same day as Jessie we are both getting a life
and breaking away from here!
I will be on MSN alot!
So if yew want to talk to me send me a message asking for meh email.
And yew will receive!(most of the time)
So no more Nicky Connor Aimé (on mfg)!!!!
Okayy love yew
-Nicky bishes-
Jun 12 2010 6:47PM
Batman raped me
mhmm Batman raped me your jealous right?
So let me tell you about this wonderful boii We're BestFriendsForLife.♥
Okay, So Where To Start This Thing, Haha.
I Just Love Everything About Him. He's A Really Great Friend To Me.
He's Always There For Me When Everyone Else Is Gone. (mhm your soooo jealous)
Thank You For being soo Epic :)

Please Don't Ever Change For Anybody.
Your Great and Wonderful Just The Wayy You Are Now.
Jun 12 2010 5:51PM
Hey yo!!!
This ish Dylisboo on my Nicky babies mfg thing...
Lol.. I love him so muches it's like a Skittle fight with a Beachball..
Haha =D Hold up.. That doesn't make since.. Oh well lol..
I dun know what to say seeing i know none of cha betches.
Meez feels the need to rape a peanutbutter cookie now :3
**Tee Hee**
U people have no life btw.. o-o
Get out and do something!! I mean geeeberz! Don't spend your time on this site.!.?.!.?
Well W/e I guushers I can't control yuumes life.
Soo(dot dot dot)
I think I'ma going to finish up this blogger and rape that cookie
( PEANUT BUTTER COOKIE, cuz peanut butter ish the best best best!!!) >:}
Mew Mew
I love myself to Cuppycake :)
(and yew)
From the heart of a man with a new puppy for ma love. <33 <33
-Tah Beast Dylan Betches-
Apr 9 2010 6:35PM
Fck me hard and skittles will come out my ass
i love Nicky,he''s my life,and all mine
SO **** OFF Bxtches!!!!!!!,hehe
i dont rlly no what else to say,he makes me happy so nobody ever do anything
to make him upset or i will murder u :D

Apr 3 2010 1:46PM
Hewwoo nicky :D
Yes fmls (:
And i is not ur dino no more :D
Love you lots <3.
Apr 2 2010 10:02PM
Nicky ish da shiz (:
Mar 21 2010 1:08PM
Lmfaoo ;D
Nicky you have been hacked by Jessie :D ...
Be Jealous (;
I like see you (:
Im lookin thou ur window to make sure you dont call the vets ):
Cuz there mean to meh :D
And my ur pet isnt sick 0,0
Anyways O.o,
I love this boy way way way more then any1 else does (:
Soo Yes ;D
-throws cookie at yew-
O: i own u bish :D
Jessica (: <3.


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Feb 15 2011 11:27PM

D: RIP nicky :(
Jan 16 2011 6:43PM

Nicky, You were the Bomb Shiit Babe && i miss you like Hell!
Bestfriends Till The End Of Time.
Nov 8 2010 5:00PM

Rest in peace..
I'll miss youuu.
You'll be in my heart forever.
I love youu.
Nov 7 2010 6:28PM

Rest in peace,
I'll miss you. )':
Nov 7 2010 2:16PM

R.I.P Nicky!<|3
I miss you, a lot D':
You were amazing, in every way.
:'/ -Brendon
Sep 29 2010 8:44PM

Oh yes xD
Sep 28 2010 10:24PM

I wanna HUGE lollipop in your pan.. I mean hand (:
Sep 28 2010 3:59PM

AHHH!! ><
Sep 27 2010 9:06PM

Nevermind xD
Sep 26 2010 9:55PM

I wanna lick on your lollipop lmao.
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