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Clermont, FL, United States
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I like to work out, eat meat and pizza, watch T.V. all night. I LOVE to watch WWE and Family Guy. And arcadeboredom isn't really my website. I'm just trying to spread the word for it.

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Jun 25 2008 6:42PM
New President
Who do you guys think will be our new president? Obama or McCain? I think McCain will win. (But Obama will win a little too). I very nervous. Vote for who you want on my online allection. I will declare the winner by the end of next month. If McCain wins i'll say "WHOOOO HOOOO!!!!!" and if Obama wins i'll write a blog edit with 100 words on why Obama should not have won. I really dont wont to write that much. VOTE FOR MCCAIN!!!
Jun 25 2008 6:37PM
Plz, if you one of my friends plz give me a freakin' comment!! I am very annoyed!!
Jun 8 2008 3:25PM
Personal Relashonship
I am searching for a girl friend with the age of 8-9. You also have to send me a message with a request.


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Nov 1 2008 4:44PM

dude, on your 'About Me' ur just like me but i play guitar and draw to.
Jul 2 2008 12:02PM

plz vote for your wwe superstar.
Jun 8 2008 7:32PM

becuse its awsome! who is that guy? i think its John Cena.

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