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Cutting, crying and dying in the, United States
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Hi I`m Ashton I`m an Emo Bi Dude! Taken 6/14/10 Nikki, Baby I love you

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Jun 15 2010 11:23AM
nikki ash
Nikki is my princess, I am her knight. I love her so much. She is as sweet as a freshly cut rose. She is worth more than everything, even my life. Babe I love you more than every star in the universe. I hope I`m your knight for our lives. You are the Queen of my heart and I`m the King of your heart. We have only been together since 6/14/10 but I`m truely in love!
May 29 2010 11:32AM
Gay and Single and Looking!!!
I`m Gay don`t like it **** off
I`m Single and looking
Guys message me and I`ll give you a yummy cuppycake mmmmm :P
Holy **** my sister Ashley stole my Hello Kitty Blanket :o
May 20 2010 5:53PM
Cheer me up
A talk with dylan

Me-Ello boo
Dylan-I gotta tell you something
Me-ok just say it
Dylan-I`ve found someone else
Me-you got a gf?!
Dylan-No I have a new boyfriend I don`t love you We are through
Me- *walks away crying*

someone plz cheer me up
May 5 2010 5:37PM
Most Girls cause a lot of drama so I`m ****ing gay so yea
Apr 17 2010 5:59PM
Guys and girls message me I`m so ****ing horny :-* :P :d :'D
Apr 11 2010 3:05PM
GTG bye suckas I'm getting my hair cut
Apr 11 2010 2:04PM
sup im new i now stupid my sister helped make the stupid ****ing thing so yea message me im not ****ing bi so none yall gay assholes better not message me i love the ladies and the money$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


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May 1 2010 9:18PM

Hey Sweetie :D
I SO stole ur comment virginity!! c[:
Well buh bye bubbie!! :) :P

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