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Sep 27 2009 4:38PM
What Did You Do?
What Month Were You Born?

All you do is select your personal things and put all of the sentences together.

For example: My Month I was born in is, December. So, I look at the sentence on december below.
It says, I Ate. So, The Day I was born is 3. So, below the month, I look at 3, It Says , Crap. So far, my sentence is I Ate Crap. So, All you do Is Do that with all of the questions below And see your sentence.

1-(Jan) I Crapped On
2-(Feb) I Slapped
3-(Mar) I'm A Fan Of
4-(April) I Hate
5-(May) I Love
6-(June) I Kicked
7-(July) I Flipped Off
8-(Aug) I Threw Poop At
9-(Sep) I Flicked
10-(Oct) I Kissed
11-(Nov) I Gave Up On
12-(Dec) I Ate

What Day Were You Born In Numbers?

I A Mexican
2 A Hobo
3 Crap
4 My Foot
5 A Baby
6 My Butt Whole
7 A Cow
8 Mashed Potatoes
9 A Mushroom
10 Yo Momma
11 A Snail
12 A Booger
13 My Life
14 A Pencil
15 This Blog
16 Michael Jackson
17 A Zombie
18 An Xbox
19 A Rock
20 Donuts
21 Bleach
22 A Thorn
23 Witches
24 Bloody Mary
25 A Chain Saw
26 Megan Fox
27 A Duck
28 A Hot Dog
29 Poison Oak
30 A Machine Gun
31 Mr. Bean

What Color Shirt Are You Wearing?

White - Because I'm A Loser
yellow - Because I'm Gay
Pink - Because I'm Rich And Famous
Turquoise - Because I'm Fat
Polka Dots - Because I'm Megan Fox
Graphic - Because I'm A Zombie
Grey - Because I Like Paris Hilton
Other - Because I Like Shoe Laces
Green - Because I Like Gay People
Orange - Because I Like Tea
Red - Because I Like Potatoes
Blue - Because I Love Blues Clues
Tye dye - Because I Love Getting Very Dark Tans
Purple - Bec
Nov 15 2008 9:23AM
I got some icecream!


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Nov 29 2008 8:52PM

woohoo first commet

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