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Im in space bizznitch!, Zimbabwe
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Jul 9 2010 5:35PM

You are a ****ing ass hole! I ****ing hate you!! You are such a ****ing basterddd!! And idk why the hellll I ever dated your ugly ass! Btw your penis is half the size of charlies..
Dec 24 2009 2:23PM

Mayshon mayshon mayshon!! Eeewie I ruvvv yew zoooo much!! Agh I hope yur having a very mery kwistmas!! And I lovers you more dan anybody in d's whole world! *kiss kiss kiss* I love you tilly can't wait to see yew!!! ^_^
Nov 28 2009 11:59AM

Awww *tear* tank you, love...;) I don't know what I would do wiffout you!! I love you so much oh and happy turkay day!! ^_^
Sep 25 2009 12:23PM

AHHH! mason! yayms! lolz dude i love u so friggilickin muchas! *_* yay oh like im gonna be gone with morgan to like the mall till like saturday night so cant call! *tear* but like i gonna gets ur one-year present for yaz! and i cant tell u what it is all tho i already told u but dont tell urself that...>_> lolz i love u babY!!!!
Sep 15 2009 12:30PM

Mazzzooonnn!!! ewwww! haha hey u have like all ur jackets in my locker! theyr gonna start smellin like erasers!!!!!! har-har! lolz....looky im leaving a comment! xD hehe....hmmm....oh yeah my mummy was spose to talk to ur mummy and were gonna go to the moviezzzzz hopefully!!! yayz...! hehe i wuvverz u so muchas!! oh yeah new song!!! Dance Gavin Dance>>"I told them i invented times new roman" hehe ...well gonna run! lotsa love baby!!! byezzzzzz....
Jun 20 2009 1:49AM

thanks 4 da
love lol :)
Jun 20 2009 12:27AM

Masonaise ur so siwwy!! I love u so so muchas! I miss u lots!! I'll see u on the 4th baby!!! XOXOXO...
Jun 19 2009 2:06AM

somein some
love on ur page
sexxiii lol :T :D :)
Jun 17 2009 5:57PM

Masonaise! Ur so sweet I love ur song!!! It's great! Btw change ur status thingy cut I do love u...more than I ever have and everyday I just love u more...<3
Jun 16 2009 8:38PM

I'm sorry mason...I'll never leave u bby....girls on here btw: masons taken by meeeee!!!! <3
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