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I'm just me.

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Mar 26 2017 8:59PM
It's Been A While
Does anyone still use this site? It's pretty outdated. Miss my old friends. A lot has happened since I last posted. I hope everyone is well.
Dec 20 2013 2:32AM
Ugh >.<
I'm bored out of my mind. Someone should message me
Jun 17 2013 10:42AM
I'm so old
I celebrated my 17th birthday not too long ago. It was pretty freaking awesome. I got the two most amazing presents ever. I got a beautiful female Ball Python that I named Goliath. I also got tickets to see the Blue Man Group with my mom. This was probably the best birthday ever.
Mar 17 2012 1:53AM
good night...
Let's all hope that I'm still alive in the morning...
Mar 16 2012 8:24PM
That was fun!!!
South by Southwest (SXSW), Sixth Street, Austin, Texas. Most fun I've ever had
Mar 15 2012 2:41PM
I feel quite proper
I just realized that whenever I go to drink something, my pinky goes up. I am royalty. Me gusta.
Mar 15 2012 1:33PM
The breakfast of champions
Big Red and a King Size Hershey Bar. **** yeah
Mar 15 2012 2:03AM
i hope someone responds to this...
Bored and not feeling well. Anyone wanna try and cheer me up?
Mar 15 2012 12:05AM
I never knew that could hurt so much... >_<"
Mar 13 2012 10:39PM
Just got home been gone all day. Six hours total in the car. It was fun, though.


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Sep 2 2010 12:11PM

Pumas are fun.
Aug 14 2010 11:10AM

NO!!!!!!!!! yew cant take over the world cuz its mine!!!! (ps kevin was never here)
yay violence
Aug 8 2010 10:55PM

moo moo moo MOO
Aug 7 2010 8:52PM

HEYY whats up!!
Oct 5 2009 11:53PM

hey you copied the "11 questions to make you lose your religion" thing i wrote!
you could at least put some consideration into the fact that i took an hour writing it all out!
so either reconcile or delete. . .

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