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im 17 female and im god damn psycho... just kidding lol but seriously though im just here for the games or whatever to check on my profile and ive already got a man that i'am engaged to. and he already fucks me so buzz off ^.^

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Jun 12 2015 2:09AM
message me if you want some company i guess
Jun 12 2015 1:06AM
when an ex doesn't even remember your name and thinks he can roleplay with you while hes got a pregnant girlfriend. god you're a sick ****
Dec 10 2013 11:54PM
Dec 10 2013 10:45PM
its unhealthy to keep your head in past sadness for to long, it takes its tole
Nov 22 2013 11:06PM
**** this
2013 can suck a ****...worst year ive had
at least I got my music for the moment
Oct 5 2012 1:15AM
not so owie
I wanted to see how my hair would look like with a blonde touch to it and my mom kept telling me wait for the weekend to do it cause im to tired.....well i of course was bieng impaitient and decided to do it myself i of course soon as i started messed up by trying to get my roots with the bleach....so my mom helps me wraps my hair in the tinfoil blah blah blah and the bleachleaks onto my skin making it burn me not thinking of putting a towel over my shoulders and about 18 minutes left of the 47 minutes wait my mom tells me im blistering down my neck -_- and i dint feel it she starts freaking out telling me to go wash it off right that second good news is i have what i wanted my hair to look like :D bad news my neck is sensetive ....moral think ahead
Feb 26 2012 12:56PM
I dont know whats up anymore and it ticks me off
Feb 17 2012 1:44AM
MA name
M-you enjoy crazy kinky sex
I-Love is something you deeply believe in
C-You're wild and crazy
H-You never let people tell you what to do
A-Damn good kisser
E-You have a nice ass
L-You are Cute
A-Damn Good Kisser
Feb 17 2012 1:38AM
Valentines aftermath............
for elementary schoolers valentines is a day to get candy and cards from friends...........
for lonley people its one of the most depressing days..............
to let everyone know to try and cheer things up from me :) you are loved by someone out there even if you dont think so So heres my heart to all those who felt sad yesterday <3
Jan 5 2012 11:56AM
lied 2 again
:/ send me a message laidies only wh have been lied to by guys and have had thier hearts broke message should say this ***** because some things are not fair

for guys who might be intrested look at my profile and read info :) lol seriously read info


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Sep 22 2012 7:30PM

im ur 1100 viewer lol and first to comment :D

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