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im so cute! i love mostfungames.com its so fun i like to watch seasame street ,barney, under 30 minutes, rescue chef, icarly, drake and josh, phineas and ferb, aaron stone i hate the show hannah montana and high school musical add me plz look at my avatar
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Mar 20 2009 3:40PM
god I hate my art teacher mrs.morris she is so mean. She's making me feel so bad just because I can't draw! She thinks I'm freakin da vinchi or sometin I don't care if I get a f+ in art I just wanna get school over it and then make my own life
Mar 2 2009 5:19PM
Fave songs
1. T.I.-whatever you like
2. Akon-beautiful
3. Theme song from twilight ( that little guitar strum)
4. Chris brown- forever
5.vanessa hugens- hook it up

Search em on YouTube!!!!
Feb 24 2009 3:56PM
not really my phone number
Feb 24 2009 3:55PM
simple thing
I don't wanna get up cuz I couldn't sleep last night. I wanna stay in bed all day watch some t.v. And cry. Boy u got me wound up I'm down and I won't lie u made a fool of me now my heart is so empty. (chorus)And all the simple things remind me just how good it used 2 b but now ur gone ain't you baby do all the simple things remind you just how much you care for me but were all alone now ain't we. I just need a haircut get my independence back leave my mom to call on have a real long girly chat. How am I supposed 2 move on when ur the best thing I ever had how could you walk away and not even look f*** on back. (chorus) the t-shirt that you left behind, the viocemail that I play all the time, the photo of us on the shelf laughing it off when the damn car broke down. Wathcing DVD's and falling asleep your text message that I can't delete. The keychain of ur name that I got. I cud go on and on and on. Oohh how we used to be oh yeah (chorus) I don't wanna get up. Oohh yeah
Feb 24 2009 3:25PM
Hey what up y'all
I am not really on the computer I am on my iPhone just press safari if an y of u have a iPhone my number is 1-(347)-854-2759. Call me or text me just tell me your username from mostfungames.com k guys peace out <3 <3 <3<3 ( :
Feb 20 2009 8:33PM
hahah spelles my last name wrong it quito dont mes s wit it yall. it u send me a damn chainletter illt block u literallly
Feb 20 2009 6:51PM
mia valentina qiuto
hey what up im mia i am really 15 i know in my avatar i look like i day old but im odd im really just 7 months old so dont pressure me i like to eat gerber food


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