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ima Lilly Marie but call me Lilly or Lils, yes, i am single wanna help me fix that.send me a message, i am a very sweet person but dont mess with me......todays my birthday iam turning 17....wish me a happy birthday please

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Jul 9 2010 6:55AM
Got To Go
gotta go get ready for the pool
i think its gonna be cold
well i am wearing me new
yellow and white poka-dot binki
its so cute
wish ya could see me in it
dont ya
ya never will
very got to go
i love you
Jul 9 2010 5:40AM
Today is my birthday
i turn 17 a 5:46AM
i am so excited to be 17
my parents are throwing me a kiss ass party
i woke up and found keys to my new 2010 Mach 1 mustang laying on my dresser
this is the best birthday ever
Jul 9 2010 4:52AM
*What country do you want to Visit: Paris*
*How do you want to Die: dont*
*Been to the Mall Lately: yea*
*Get alo ng with your Parents: yea*
*Health Freak: sometimes*
*Do you think your Attractive: yea*
*Believe in Yourself: yea*
*Want to go to College: yea*
*Do you Smoke: no*
*Do you Drink: no*
*Shower Daily: yea*
*Been in Love: yea*
*Do you Sing: yea*
*Want to get Married: no*
*Do you want Children: yea-twins*
*Hate an yone: yea*
Jul 9 2010 4:52AM
*Favorite Eye Color: Blue
*Favorit e Hair Color: Brown or Blonde
*Short or Long: In the Middle
*Height: Tall
*Style: Jock
*Looks or Personality: Personality
*Hot or Cute: Both
*Muscular or Really Skinny: Skinny but Muscular
Jul 9 2010 4:51AM
*Cheated Your Partner: no
*Ever been beaten up: yea
*Ever beaten someone up: yea
*Ever Shoplifted: no
*Ever Skinny Dipped: maybe?!?!
*Ever Kissed Opposite sex: duh
*Been Dumped Lately: yea
Jul 9 2010 4:50AM
*Pepsi or Coke: Coke*
*McDonalds or BurgerKing: Wendys*
*Chocolate or Vanilla: Mint Chocolate Chip*
*Hot Chocolate or Coffee: Hot Chocolate*
*Kiss or Hug: Hug*
*Dog or Cat: Dog*
*Rap or Punk: Nonne*
*Summer or Winter: Summer*
*Scary Movies or Funny Movies: Romantic Movies*
*Love or Money: Both*
Jul 9 2010 4:48AM
*Food: Bar-B-Que
*Candy: Skittles
*Number: 14
*Color: Hot Pink and Lime Green
*Ani mal: Goldendoodle
*Drink: Root Beer
*Perfume: P.S. I Love You
*TV Show: Silent Library
*Music Album: idk
*Movie: Dear John
*Acto r/Actress: Demi Lovato
Jul 9 2010 4:46AM
*Nam e : Lilly Marie*
*Nick Names : Lils, Lilly, Lil Marie*
*Birthda te : July 9th*
*Birthp lace: Richmond*
*Current Location: My Bed-Richmond*
*Eye Color: Blue-green*
*Hair Color: Strawberry-Blonde*
*Height: 5 ft*
*Weight: 90 pounds*
*Piercings: ears*
*Tatoo s: none*
*Boyfriend/Girlfriend: None-SINGLE*
*Vehicle: 2010 Mach 1 Blue Mustang*
*Overused Phrase: Darn It!*


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Jul 9 2010 9:04PM

i am so glad you are in virginia for your 17 birthday
i love you so much
i am so glad you are my god sister
well got to go get ready for the party
Jul 9 2010 7:07AM

Hey just thought i would show ur page sum luv ur also a great friend and ur awsome
Jul 9 2010 6:19AM

Happy Birthday gurly!!!!!!!!
Jul 9 2010 5:44AM

Jul 9 2010 5:15AM

Ello! just thought i would show some love
to your page so here you go! (:
Jul 9 2010 5:05AM

hey lils,
i am so glad you are on here
if your ever hurt this girl
i will come and get you
i love you to death
i stole your comment viginity
well got to talk
talk to you later
bye girrllyy

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