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Jun 11 2010 11:20AM
Wiz Kalifa "Mezmorized"
Uh, I don't love 'em, I don't chase 'em I duck 'em
Smoke somethin', go to a new state soon as I **** 'em
Niggas be pressed for *****, it aint nothing
Instead of worrying about who that b**** ****in', why don't you get you some money
9 times out of 10 she see me stuntin'
Game running, wanna know my hotel and who phone to ring when she coming
I keep it one hundred, get love from the hoes, but it's, money over b****es nothing above it
Like the weed loud like my engine when I speed up
b****es holding they weave, rolling trees with they pretty feets up
Them suckas often imitate but they can't be us
So super high, look in the sky when you wanna see me bruh
Cut my speakers up, drowning out what the critics say
Just, continue to smoke and remain G as ****
Polo socks match my polo hat, she leave once it's a known fact
That she aint coming back. Now Taylor Gang that.

And aint **** change, but the amount of horses in my motor when I switch lanes
And I beat em blindly with them diamonds in my big chain, heavy in the game little homie I'm doing big things (big things, big things)
And them b****es they mezmorized, they recognize, I keep it so G (I keep it so G)
Get you some money ****in' with me (****in' with me)

I don't love 'em, I don't chase 'em, I duck 'em
Try to get paper how the ****er don't know **** about her
I take you up where it's cloudy, aint one them lames still rockin' prada
I go to Louie and blow a couple thousand
One of my baddest b****es, rollin' up while I'm driving
And she don't even smoke just hit it once while she light it
My game tight, seal and sign it
Them niggas just playing, aint really ballin', saying they being honest
Claiming, that's your wife but we can't call it
She all in my hotel suite at 3 in the morning
Taking her clothes off, inhaling weed and coughing
Aint her first time cheefing but say she don't do this often
Since I was 16, I had all the intentions to keep it G
Take niggas hoes, and smoke hella trees with


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May 31 2008 4:27PM

heyy boii what uhp?..juss stoppin by to show yuh nD yuhr page sum luhv....comment bakk
May 27 2008 11:38PM

Just Stoppin By lil bro *in law dat iz*

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