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I'm tall with blue eyes/w glasses a fun person to be around and I love animales i'm athletic and I love hanging with famliy and friends and i'm single. hobbies swiming likes girls bored games computer games mesege me and heres my number 806-930-2028
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Dec 28 2010 3:32AM
night and day
I lie awake wordering will it change. I hope it will but nothing happins. I try and try and try and i fail then i ask my self why why did this happin to me then i start to blame people that i love. I ask and ask but i get nothing so i stop. I ask myself is it worth the pain the hurt to get this to be somthing i'm not to please that person that dos'int even care that i'm there that i don't even like. Why do you do the things that you do. You can the end the pain you can stop the hurt just say im sorry to god hes sad when you'r sad he hurt's when you'r hurt say that your sorry and that you love him and you have't to mean it and hill end the pain and stop the hurt hill bring joy his name is god almighty wonderful maker fisher of men wonder alfa and omega peaceful and no hes never mad at you or anyone he love's and he miss's you

P.S he love's you a lot


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