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weathorford ,texas, United States
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hi peepos!!!!! lol im such a dork!:D

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May 23 2012 5:29PM
end of the year! :(
well...? u know what time of year it is!, yup, thats right the end of the year! :( and im so sad i just have 2 more years at my school , i have been going there seince second grade! :(
Mar 17 2012 9:39AM
end of the break! :(
well, i just got back from spring break. and im so board at home now! so anyway i had fun and happy St.patties day! :D
Mar 12 2012 12:02PM
spring break!
hi guys!... im goin to my grannys house for spring break! and im excited! :) and all my friends better tell me what they did for spring break! OR ELSE!!!! MWHAHAHA! :P
Mar 11 2012 3:29PM
im so board!!!!
hey guys! omg im so hackin board ! (as fred would say) btw,anyway any of my freinds that r on plz send me message! ;(
Dec 17 2011 2:53PM
Hi guys,... not really sure what to write so far, but uhh i guess ill just tell u about me. Ok my first name is madeline and im 11 years old. i just got my account like a few minites ago! :) you can see according to my favorites that my favorite game is a cup of cursors. If ya'll have any comments plz comment on my wall ps: i also have a face book! if u want to be my freind my name is madde wallace! :)


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damon salvatore
Aug 11 2012 12:00PM

hahaha got ur comment virginity and why aint u replying

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