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mississippi, United States
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Heyy Im Chad , im mixed sooooo im black n white at da same damn time lol : D
playlist please just ask ;)

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Jun 10 2012 4:47PM
Newww Picsss on playlistt
May 20 2012 10:41PM
Long time bruh !
my inbox has dust lol n spider webs
Jan 1 2012 1:53PM
Oh Yeah
I feel so good for some reason !! So manyy Pretty Gurlsss !! If your pretty inbox me Bored Af
Aug 7 2011 3:58PM
lol Playlist
I put up sum more pics..... and i got my phone backk Yay!!
Aug 5 2011 9:12PM
wow wat ah Day! smOkin
im still in da bed ummm at 11 sum soo my bigger bro n his friends came in n Dared me smoke a big blunt lol im like "no **** off" n they pulled out da money ...... yall SHOULD KNOW THE REST LOL!
Aug 5 2011 5:11AM
lol laaaa
laaa lala laaa laaaaa laa la laaaaa lol im bored
Aug 4 2011 10:39PM
i like dis
If you carry a bible , the devil gets a headache. When you open it , he collapses. When he see`s you reading it he faints. When he see`s you living it , he flees. And just when your about to re-post this he will try & discourage you. I just defeated him. Copy & paste this if you believe in god.
Aug 4 2011 1:34PM
lol my opinion
i promise *I will never call a girl ugly or a b****.... i think dats 2 much 4 a girl 2 handle and it might hurt her badly :(
Aug 3 2011 4:24PM
lol Wow im doing good 2day another freestyle
Big house for a Whip plus tattoos Smoke good and your girl think im bad news lol :O shes crazy Omg imma bout to go nuts...., cashews lol Cindarella, im bout 2 get da b**** a glass shoe lol Boys acting ***** like Cats do!! lol LAST ONE Not far from da tree where da Apples falls So you say da wrong **** so guys knock ur Apple off lol DIS IS FUN :D *Chad M Jones * sorry for da language ladies
Aug 3 2011 3:54PM
another one
Say Jim... Its da shampain pourin Big Joint rolling Bond base sipin No blunt smoking Bad Girl getting Chad lol :D She thick and got sum friends I take em out n pour shots of licur Drinking out of my cup Smiling at all my pictures lol DATs ALL I HAVE :D *Chad M Jones* love da ladies


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♥ Khadijahhh !
Dec 11 2011 8:07PM

- ♥
Sep 1 2011 5:37PM

ur so ****in hott u sexy b****
Aug 5 2011 3:44PM

haha told u id take over ur page >:)
Aug 4 2011 10:44PM

looks r deceiving ;)
Aug 4 2011 10:38PM

haha thx but i still need braces
Aug 4 2011 10:28PM

haha well shux xD :D i luved the comment!!
Aug 4 2011 10:20PM

oh ya and this page is now owned by me :) so no one else touchy got it??
Aug 4 2011 10:19PM

hell ya!
haha kk soo since im soo nice im gonna give u a huge ass comment k?
lol well first i call ur comment virginity!!!! btw its now resting in my tummy >:)
haha i already luv ya like a best friend and weve only been talking for like what 15 mins??
anyways!!!! ur super smexy and i love talking to u. wee r soo gonna b friends for like EVER!!!!
omg haha im like fckn hyper right now! lmao calm down lindsey. breathe in....out....lmao xD
haha ur page looked lonley so here -rapes ur page- now its not xD lmao hope u love the comment!! i better get some love back k? k bye luv ya!
Jan 3 2011 9:31AM

Your Awesome Dude!! <33
Ily! <33
Jan 2 2011 12:31AM

hey wht up

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