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♥Keith♥, United States
About Me:
I am COMPELETY In LOve Wif Keith .. He is EVERYTHING TO me..I Love U Keith♥ He is THe best .. ♥.. N we BEen Together for two years Now.. I Love U keith.. ♥
Luscious Lynn :D

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Apr 20 2010 7:09PM
4/20/10 i knew it .... i always loved him N he realize dhat i am the one N only ♥
i luv yhu Keith RIley ♥

4/20/10 ♥
Apr 20 2010 6:59PM
StiLl luv Him!!♥
hey is all i think bout N i CANT help it at all ♥

I Still N FOREVER LOVE YOU *KEith riley* ♥
Apr 14 2010 5:55PM
I LuV U BoO !
I LuV Mi OlDeR Sis AdRiaNa ShE Dha BeST ShE Is AlWaYz ThErE WhEN I NeEd HEr DhA MoST i LuV Ya BoO- BoO <3
SiStAs 4 LiFee :)
Apr 4 2010 2:55PM
ReSt iN PeAcE LoCo...
RIP Buddie u was a really good friend n i will never forget u :)
Apr 3 2010 8:22PM
PaRty TiMe!!
I Be OnLiNe ToM KuZ I aM To TeEn ClUb So I SeE YaL ToM BuH ByEe * xoxo* :)
Apr 1 2010 6:13PM
AlL BoUt Me!!!
B-Day: Dec.15
Live at: LA,Cali
Siblings: Adriana(20), Anthony(16),Me(15),Darnell(13)
CrUsh:Shh DHatz a secret!!!
Ex BoYfRiEnD:Keith
BesT FriEnd: Nikki n Kiana ( LuV THem)
Cuties Boy AT Ya ScHoOl: Hmm DheRe iS a LoT BuT PrObAbly La'DaNe ( He FiNe)
MiDdLe NaMe: MaRiE
FaV WoRd: hmm b****!!
FaV RaPpEr: LiL'WaYnE N DrAkE
RaCeS: BlAcK n WhItE n ItAliAn
FaV GrOuP: YoUnG MoNeY BaBIi!!lolz
HaH DhatS It!!
Apr 1 2010 6:05PM
Im BiG FliRt!....
im a BiG FliRt WhEn iT CoMeS t0 SoMeOnE i WaNt!!! lolz XD
Mar 31 2010 7:34PM
itz funni how ya love someone n have feelings for dhat special person n knowin dhat dey already have someone in there life dhat dhey have feelings 4 n itz hard showin dhat feelin when dhey have dhat "special" person rite NEXT t0 dhem itz really hard n funni how LoVe workz too
Mar 31 2010 6:58PM
PeoPle TheSe DaYs....
People these dayz special gurls or b****es who try 02 get lyke me kuz they kno they want 02 be me
will stop kuz i am done of ppl copyin me i mean BE UR DAMN SELF it aint dhat hard!!!
Mar 30 2010 8:20PM
ItZ FuNni .. In DhA LaNd oF BeEs N HoNey..
itz Funni how ppl say Dhey Love u n all n ended up lovin someone else
it gets on my DAMN nerves sometimes but y say ya love someone n dnt mean it !!!
Dhats y i hate fallin in LUV wif guys when dhey dnt show that love back!!
-Im DoNe!!!
-Luscious LyNn is DoNe wif guys Lyke DhAt!!!


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Apr 20 2010 7:38PM

I am SO HAPPY!!!

U N Keith R backk TOgether ...

NoW thats wats i call A CUTE!! Couple :)
Apr 14 2010 6:17PM

lynn u N Evan should date i am serious it would be a cute couple :)
Apr 7 2010 9:08PM

Lovely DAY CUZ
b/c u N la'DANE almost KISSEd!!!!
Apr 3 2010 2:29PM

hahaha ya r a BIG Flirt when it comes to boyz
*cough cough La'Dane cough cough* lolz X)
Apr 1 2010 7:27PM

lynnie lolz remember today at school when la'dane n u was flirtin in front of me face lolz ASK HIM!! HE WANTS some lynn lolz luv ya gurl :)
Mar 15 2010 9:09PM

luv ya lynn :)
Mar 15 2010 8:27PM

lynn i miss talkin 2 u :)
Jan 2 2010 11:37AM

AMG! ur blonde! its a nice color on u lol
Dec 22 2009 12:29PM

lol lynnette u change ur hair but gurl it really looks gud { no homo}
Dec 21 2009 12:56PM

lynnette, u look high gurl..
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