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Sep 10 2011 9:47AM
I'm probably quitting this site.
Aug 8 2011 5:13PM
Most likely leaving this site, bye.
Jul 27 2011 8:16PM
Lmao :D
Your an ass -.-
Jul 19 2011 1:12AM
I really hate hurting someone
Jul 8 2011 12:58AM
Hi my name is Lucas Krewkovishavic and I have a gf so back off
Jul 5 2011 3:33AM
I love this girl to death
Shes so amazing in every way possible
She's my one love
I love our conversations even tho theres very few of them
I can't stop smiling when we talk
I really truly love you with all of my heart <3
Jul 5 2011 3:31AM
It gets annoying people
Like a billion people asked me today "even though you were born in the UK do you celebrate the fourth of july?"
Yes i do
Jun 7 2011 1:21AM
Today was pretty amazing:) my friends are the best ever <3
Apr 19 2011 9:42PM
Wow I haven't been on in a while. I'll try to be on more I guess.
Apr 3 2011 2:08AM
I'm pretty chill rite now, ya. Message me? Love ya


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♥ Khadijahhh !
Dec 25 2011 1:46PM

- Merrrry Christmass Lukkke ; ) :*
Aug 12 2011 10:42AM

Aug 10 2011 9:42PM

You don't have to, it's up to you. But that'd be cool if you stay.
Aug 9 2011 11:40PM

Sooo, don't leave..?
Jul 18 2011 8:37PM

Even when we are...
It's the same convo. I miss talking more than that.
Jul 17 2011 12:50AM

Haha I'd be fine with that(: <3
miss you!
Jul 14 2011 1:40AM

Awhh. Well keep smiling cuz we are together for ever and a day baby.
Jul 14 2011 12:04AM

You're the love of my life<33
Jul 13 2011 8:29PM

Not even possible.!!
Jul 12 2011 12:35AM

good!<3 you're so perfectly imperfect and amazing in every single way.
I. Love. You.(:
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