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Heyy! My Name is Morgann!(: I Came into this world in 1994!(: I have an amazing boyfriend named Dylan!<33 Lot's of friends: Kenna.W. Roswell Skye Kenna.M, I Luff Them To Death Even Though We Fight!(: That's My Lifee Don't Judge It!<33 ~Morgan

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Mar 30 2010 11:26PM
Drama is stupid
One of my friends told me the reason she was mad at me was cause I was crying and I cry over everything and I told her your supposed to talk to a friend when their crying that's what friends do and she didn't say anything!);
Aug 12 2009 11:57PM
I can't promise you the world,
but i'll try to give you a happy life.
I can't promise you i'll never yell,
but i can try to be patient
most of the time.
I can't promise you
that i'll never make mistakes,
but i can try my best
to correct my faults.
I can't promise you that
i'll catch you everytime you fall,
but i can try to always be close
by so i can help you back up
I can't promise that our love
will last forever like in storybooks,
but i can promise no matter what,
i'll never forget the memories
i made with you!!

Aug 11 2009 11:18PM
ohh yeah this is kewl!!!!
gurrrrrrr rawr im a dino
Apr 24 2009 11:51PM
Feb 23 2009 10:17PM
i love you this much....!!!!!!
I love you more than....
Spongebob loves Jellyfish
Sandy loves Karate
Mr.Krabs loves Money
&& Squidward loves his clarinet
but i need you like Plankton needs the Krabby Patty Secret Formula <3

Feb 23 2009 9:36PM
dance in the rain
life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass... it's about learning to dance in the rain
Feb 23 2009 9:26PM
Feb 22 2009 9:08PM
Keep Dreaming
you can kill the dreamer but you cant kill the dream
Feb 21 2009 1:02AM
im the kind of girl who runs into chairs and says sorry!!!!
Jan 14 2009 10:44PM
were so cool even ice cubes are jealous

~Me,Kenna.W.,Kenna.M.,and Selene!(:


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Mar 1 2009 7:16PM

Whats Up My Pimpcicle?
Mar 1 2009 1:09AM

Hey! R u Onnnnn???
Feb 26 2009 10:42PM

YAH ik Its Awesome......Read My New 1! =D
Feb 24 2009 9:44PM

OMG! i luv ur blogs! <33!

Feb 23 2009 5:38PM

Jenn hii! -huggle-! =D Sister 4Evah!
Feb 7 2009 1:40AM

ello jenn
what is up
Jan 25 2009 10:18PM

what it iz xD lolz .
kevin 123
Jan 23 2009 6:35PM

hi jennn
Jan 8 2009 10:30PM

hey jenn!!
Dec 28 2008 2:06AM

hi jenn =[
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