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name kimberly , and all the other things u wanna know just click the message button and find out DArE YOU TO. - u have to i dared u to- i won't bite maybe carter , ray allie and jay but love all fwinds i'm lots of fun.....=)

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Jun 16 2011 9:07PM
The power lines went out
And I am all alone
But I don't really care at all
Not answering my phone
All the games you played
The promises you made
Could't finish what you started
Only darkness still remains

Lost sight
Couldn't see
When it was you and me

Blow the candles out
Looks like a solo tonight
I'm beginning to see the light
Blow the candles out
Looks like a solo tonight
But I think I'll be alright

Been black and blue before
There's no need to explain
I am not the jaded kind
Playback's such a waste
You're invisible
Invisible to me
My wish is coming true
Erase the memory of your face

Lost sight
Couldn't see
When it was you and me

Blow the candles out
Looks like a solo tonight
I'm beginning to see the light
Blow the candles out
Looks like a solo tonight
But I think I'll be alright

One day
You will wake up
With nothing but you’re sorries
And someday
You will get back
Everything you gave me

Blow the candles out
Looks like a solo tonight
I'm beginning to see the light
Blow the candles out
Looks like a solo tonight
But I think I'll be alright
Jun 16 2011 9:00PM
wht now
idk wht to do any more once things are great they seem
to turn towards the ground
which way r u heading know
cause can't tell seems u just want to mess with my head
Jun 6 2011 4:10PM
i can't seem to find away thats suits u
i guess time to say the truth
now well here it goes
all of it is to be un done
well its worth a try
May 31 2011 11:53PM
i think u know
i have u stuck in my head can't seem to get it out
and theres no way on hell that you ever be here
we can talk about so many things but u tend to roll ur eyes
let me say baby ur to all that i can fine some one better than u
so go on with ur life
i will sit along with ur fwinds
as i been doing all year
we never really have a conversation spread all ur lies u can't play in my 'head '
u can say ur sorry and all the other things
no not falling this time baby go
make out with ur lil gf i ain't gonna waste my time now
we had a chance a price we payed u say all these things
i like to tell whts in my mind
lets have fun now ruin ur life don't come to me when something goes wrong
don't blame me what ever happens to u
May 30 2011 9:20PM
some times
i wish things could stay the same and to remember everything
just like child hood memories but we all have to go separate ways
i just can't get the never to talk to u see u in another life maybe
Apr 11 2011 6:35PM
don't u feel it in te air
don't feel when u talk to people
that u have the same conversations over and over
some times there different only when something
tragic happens or ur high drunk or wanna do things
other than that seem like day get boring and boring
even though something happens
and its fun it end up dieing out just
like hearts and tears they fade but they are truly never gone
any way days keep coming get boring every day
Apr 11 2011 3:30PM
wel well isn't mr liar
wow didn't see that coming
people don't say anything if ur not even sure about it
wow i didn't even know
well i did but u don't have to tell the whole world i mean school
well class
u suck
Apr 11 2011 3:13PM
wht do u think-
hmmmmmm wht do u thin of this tell me tell me
I love the way you grind with that booty on me
shorty you a dime why you looking lonely
we’ll buy another round and it’s all on me
as long as I’m around put it down on me
just put it down on me
Apr 10 2011 8:07PM
how to annoy a teacher
1. pretend to be chewing gum then when he/she comes over and tells you to spit it out, say, "i dont have any gum," and open ur mouth as wide as u can while obnoxiously saying, " aaaaaaaaaaaaaah"
2. drop ur pencil every 2 minutes. if u want to, every time u drop it u can shout," clumsy me!"
3. in stead of getting up or raising ur hand to ask the teacher something, throw them notes.
4. if ur teacher runs out of tissues, shout as loud as u can," theres no toilet paper left!"
5. roll ur pencil around on ur desk. when he/she tells u to stop, say the wind is doing it and roll it again.
6. yell out every thing u r thinking.
7. while the teacher is talking, walk up to the pencil sharpener and sharpen ur pencil as loud as u can. if the teacher asks u to stop, pretend u dont hear him/her and keep sharpining the pencil.
8. if the teacher asks a question, ask him/her,"wat is" then restate the question. be sure to emphasize the "is". Example: teacher,"wat is 2+2?" u,"wat IS 2+2?"
9. mock the teacher behind his/her back. if he/she catches u, say to him/her,"u made me do it!"
10. come in on a teacher work day and tell them," ive got nothin better to do."
11. if u didnt do a big assignment last year, on the first day of the new year, burst into the classroom shoutin,"IS IT TOO LATE TO TURN IN MY ASSIGNMENT!"
repost this saying,"how to annoy a teacher" and u will have no homework tomarrow or the next day.
P.S. im not responsible 4 anyone who gets in trouble 4 trying these out
Apr 10 2011 5:55PM
new people nothing with the blog
awesome movie soul surfer i was sad and amazing
might watch u again no im not a stalker im not gonna watch u
just the movie you again
i got new neigh boors
oh no wht if their killers oh well
any how whts up with dogs and cats


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Apr 10 2011 12:49AM

It's fine.
Apr 2 2011 3:07PM

Yea xD miss u too
Mar 30 2011 5:53PM

Hai! I know it has been; I'm sorry
I've just been focussing on my writing, music, SCHOOL[Yuck] And my friends in real life
I swear I'll be on more as the year progresses ^_^

Love from, Tasha
Or Amy as I used to go by -.-
Dec 20 2010 12:02AM

of course you can keep mr.fluffs, he's all yours, just take super good care of him
and yes, I can play the guitar, acoustic only though haha <3
i <3 the sunset too, it's always so beautiful
Dec 19 2010 11:52PM

haha, that sounds like a bunch of fun actually
I could bring my guitar, and like... just play some nice toons while the sun comes up :3
and YUSH! u got it right (:
it's a bunny!! ^^
<3 named.. fluffs ;D
Dec 19 2010 11:34PM

Haha, I'd deff. say yes if you convinced me (;
no doubt about it... and if we went in the winter, I'd warm you up ^^
we could have a huge fire place and roast marshmellows haha! <3
and here's a hint... "your animal... is soft!" ^_^
p.s i <3 u!!!!
Dec 19 2010 11:10PM

Balloon Animals<3
So what to say about you?
Your so amazing! And funny, haha!
Convince me to go skinny dipping with you in the summer (:<
IFLU because your always super adorable, your like my little buddy :3
ah, little buddy/big buddy.. i remember those days ^-^ such. good. days. hahah.. anywhoo!
I <3 u! Forever 'n ever!

p.s I made you a balloon animal, can you guess which animal it is? O:
Jul 15 2010 11:31AM

ooooooh srry blond moment ^_^
its good :D
Jul 11 2010 1:36AM

huh? XD
Jun 29 2010 10:00PM

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