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they speak french in, France
About Me: NEW ACCOUNT.<3 Add that shit.

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Nov 30 2010 9:14PM
Gonna make a new account.
Add it?
I'll put up the link & stuff when I'm done.<3
Nov 30 2010 8:18PM
& even if the moon fell down tonight.
we'd be okay, 'cause you make the whole world shine.<3
Nov 28 2010 9:21PM
Fuuck Yuss! <3
Just got A Day To Remember's new album "What separates me from you" on Itunes.
Fuuck Yess. (: Score! Highlight of my day.<333
Nov 28 2010 3:45PM
should have known better than to call you out;
on a night like this, a night like this.<3333
Nov 28 2010 5:15AM
one more night, and one more time.<3
thanks for the memories.<3
Nov 27 2010 10:11PM
Dear Bestfriend,
I love the hell out of you.
You're the most amazing person ever.(;
never change, or i'll go ape on you.
for reals.<333
(you know who you are.)
Nov 27 2010 4:02PM
My name is Alexandra.
shorten it however you want, idgaf.(;
I have mixed personalities.
I can be really blunt, perverted, and sarcastic,
or sweet, and silly. (;
it depends on the day, i suppose.[:
I'm eighteen, senior in high school.
music is one of my many addictions, passions, and lovers.
i am a grammar nazi. don't think i won't correct you.
it pisses me off past compare when people don't spell right, talk right, etc.
i really couldn't care less what you think of me.
I'll do a lot just to say that I've done it.
don't doubt me, it will make me want to prove you wrong that much more, and believe me, i will.
When I'm not listening to music,
I'm practicing Park-our flips off of speeding trains,
and wrestling pythons in the heart of the Amazonian basin.
That last part may not have actually happened.
I'm pretty nuts.
I'm a-MUSE-d.
The sky is not my limit, it is my starting line.
I am me :]
don't like it?
don't give a fuuck.
talk shiit, get hit.
let's talk?
Nov 20 2010 1:12AM
By the WAYYY.
You're gorgeous, Alexx.
You're soo cuuteee. ^-^
You know you are. o.o
Love you. >=33

Nov 20 2010 1:09AM
Alex, Alex, Alex.
My dearr, you ARE amazing.
I think it's funny how we have retarded conversations.
Like that one with Alyssa.o.o
Lmfaoo. <33
Rusty Trumpet.
Dirty Bowtie.
And then... My turrets. D:
Going apeshiit for no apparent reason.
I think I need help with that. ;oo
Well, >:]
Like I was SAYING; you are amazing.
You make me laughhh.
I think that we might be friends for a very long time.
Like for ever and ever and ever.
Like how that dude from Malcolm in the Middle talks. ;oo
All slow.. and... annoying like. D:
bahahahaha. That had nothing to do with anything. xD
Why am I so random?
Lmaoo. <33
I love you.
You're my... My...... o.o Mistress. >:]]
One's mine; one's Olivia's.
dot dot dot;;
These are my confessionss!
Rawrr babyy. <333
Love you SLEX! xD
You're name is SLEX now. ;D
'Member? You 'member. ;D
George Lopez is supertastical glitter. ;oo
Peace out, girl scout.

Nov 14 2010 7:20PM
Jesus' penis is better than yours.
Alex, Alex, Alex.
Yes, I just said your name three times.
And, I'm not sure why..
Anywho, I love you.
Yes. Yes I do.
Aha. You're totally perfect<3
I love how you're always making me smile.
(: <- See? Okay.. that one was 'cause of this weird commercial..
But you really do(:
& You're secretly my wife, you just don't know it yet(;
You're my best friend.. Jesus is my best friend..
(readers may not get that.. but I know you do^^)
You're always there for me. Always.
& You've made me laugh out loud.
Gah. 'Lol' is totally over-used.
But, you really do(:
I love you, I love you, I love you.
And, no matter what you say, I will always love you more.
Ha! I win. (: Beseech me. (still don't know what that means..)
Mwuah! -♥Mykal


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Nov 29 2010 6:56AM

You and me could write a bad romance o;
Nov 27 2010 10:00PM

So I'm kinda pissed at you, brahh.
You left an amazingg fuccking comment on my pageee...
What the fucck am I supposed to put on this shiit wipe of a pagee?
Jay friggin' kayy,duude.
I love the hell outta you, Alex.
Honestlyy, you've made a "shiit load of shiit" a lot better for me. xDD
I'm gonna give you a Dirty Bowtie baby.>:]
And you're gonna LIKE it.
No, no... LOVE it.>;DD
No other point to this comment other than to let you know you're fuccking amazing.
Like... Superfantastical glitter?
Pree' much, man. :33
Don't change.
Cause I love you for you, mann.
Y'know what it is, brahh.

cookie.abuser :D
Nov 25 2010 9:42AM

Hello :)
Nov 24 2010 8:17AM

I try.
Aha. & I love you more<33
Nov 22 2010 6:10PM

Hawt dayumm.
What a turn on (;
Nov 22 2010 5:34PM

Hawt. (;
Nov 22 2010 9:34AM

Darlin'? o;
Gettin' fresh now, are we? (;
Nov 20 2010 10:22AM

Alexandra Lee Williams,
Thank you (:
Nov 19 2010 9:53PM

Alex, you're amazing. Perfect. Beautiful.
And, truth is, I would kill to be you(:
But, then you wouldn't be you.
You'd be me.. Eh. Haha.
Don't change, ever.
And, I pretend to be you sometimes D:
Lmao. But, I really do love you. <3
Nov 19 2010 6:59PM

thankyew,love. but, your the beautiful oneeee <3
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