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im a fun person to hang out with ;-)

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Nov 29 2009 2:36PM
im dyeing my hair blue agn
Oct 25 2009 5:56PM
╔╦╦╦╦═╗Put this on your page
║╩║║║╔╗if you give free hugs!
Oct 17 2009 11:04PM
chucky iz real
some of yall say: chucky isnt real hes just a figment of ur imagination hahahahha chucky is real i saw him at chucky cheese i was hangin out wit him dats my nigga lmfao
Aug 24 2009 3:18AM
~2 all my haters~
~Gσt A Prσblεm...Sσlνε It!.
~Lσst?...Gεt Fσund!
~Think I'm Trippin...Tiε Mч Shσε!
~Cαn't Stαnd Mε...Sit Dσωn!
~Cαn't Fαce Mε...Wεll Turn Arσund!
~Lσvε Mε?...Grεαt
~Hαtε Mε?...Eνεn Bεttεr!
~Think Im Uglч...Dσn't Lσσк At Mε!
~Dσn't Likε Mч Stчlε...Dσn't Lιкє Yσurѕ!
~Dσn't Knσw Mε... Dσn't Judge Mε!
~Think Yσu Knσw Mε...Yσu Hαvε Nσ Idεα
Aug 24 2009 2:56AM
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║╚ ╣║ ║╚╗ If you like to laugh alot!
╚═ ╩═╩═╝
Aug 12 2009 8:03PM
_♥____♥_ ♥ Put this
♥___♥_♥__ ♥ heart
_♥___♥___♥_ on your
__♥ _____♥__ page if
___♥___ ♥___ you love
____♥_♥____ someone
_____♥_____ very much
Aug 12 2009 6:46PM
if your delirious over someone or there delirious over u wat do u do?


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