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cool ville, Miami, United States
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i have brown hair and blue eyes and i am single! i am loving and single. i love soccer and i have an wierd older sister and a annoying younger sister. my bff has a mostfungames check her out at lilmisblueyes,she is awsome!

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Feb 7 2009 12:20AM
OMG at school is the best because i have the best teachers. The weirdest teacher in the 7th grade is my teacher Mrs.Kelley we think she is a lesbo, then there is my english teach. Mrs. Thompson she is sooo stricked she wont let anyone touch her bullitin board, then their is mrs. Whitley she is cool after her there is Mrs Fleming she rocks Last but not least my History teach MR.HORTZ he is the cutist teacher i have ever had!!!! He is the bomb and a HOTTIE!!!!!! Trust me on that one.
Jan 23 2009 6:14PM
Your best boyfriends!!!
Do you have a best friend thats a boy? If so you can't trust them. You can only trust the ones that are gay. No efence out there. See my friend Matt is a total jurk to my chickie Alyssa. Alyssa asked Matt out and he said no but after he said no he told like everyone that she asked him out..That really embaressed her. Since I wote this blog me Alyssa and Matt have become best friends though he still doesen't like my girl Kistina for some odd reason. So ya !!!
Dec 13 2008 2:40PM
Ladys be careful who u date because one minute they could luv u then the next they want to break up with u. Also choice your boys wisely I'd advise you not to date your best friend cause he'll date you but five seconds later he will brake up with you cause he thinks it might ruin your friendship.
Dec 13 2008 1:17PM
OMG I luv this song called someone like you its sung by safetysuit and i always hear it then it gets stuck in my head and my friends hate it when i sing that!! I guess its because they cant handle my luvley voice. Although my friend Dylan doesent complain about it so ya!!! I LUV Ryan SOOOO MUCH!!!
Dec 11 2008 6:38PM
OMG friends could be your best friend one day then your enemy the next. Sometimes i dont trust my friends and by sometimes i mean all the time except i could trust my home girls Alyssa, and Rebecka and my home boy Dylan. All my other friends i just cant trust.So be carefull with who u hang out with defanently if its a girl we tell alot of secrets even if they're not ours!!!
Nov 7 2008 6:30PM
Hey you should know me,but do you know my friends?Well you do know there names are Alyssa,Kistina,Becka,Alli, Miranda and Dylan sometimes. these guys are my life basicly.
Nov 4 2008 3:07PM
single and sexy
i am single and sexy. im loving and caring and im always crazy!! JK but I am loving and caring I love all my friends and I sometimes care for them. I know I stick up for them definatlly my girl Alli!!!
Nov 4 2008 3:05PM
im a soccer chick !!!!!!!
Nov 4 2008 2:57PM
im new
hey whats up im new here and i need some people to talk to and i need friends sooooooooooo please mail me and i am single! if your a fan I will totally be your friend!


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Jan 23 2009 6:05PM

hey girl thnx 4 the comment and i luv u 2
Jan 16 2009 3:13PM

yay im the first to comment! hey girl whats up

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