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Pacific NorthWest b****, Canada
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I'm Koolio Laid Back I Like To Partay All Night Long (chorus)Kundaliah lmao But Its Ya Girl Shaina Reppin Canada Love Yall Hit Me Up Ppl I'm From Pacific NorthWest Bitch So HIt me Up =D

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Jan 6 2011 10:16AM
today is my lil sis birthday so big shout out to her.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS!!!!
(gonna suck a lil lost someone in our family......he hung his self R.I.P JAMIE.S <3 we all love u no matter what u will always be in out hearts we will never forget u)
well she is goin to get stalked today at her school gonna be funny....getin alot of hugs from her teachers nd lil kids there other sister told me bout it she said it happens on every birthday....feel bad for her lmfao well im out PCE

<3 ANGEL LUVS YEW!!! <3 mostly my lil sisters nd bro tho =)
(<3 R.I.P BRO <3 )
Jul 7 2010 5:46PM
haha omg i forgot i gave skittlez my profile password n stuff o.O hehe what a creeper XD jk jk but yea i kinda forgot i gave him my password n stuff o.O hehe oh well there he go's hackin for like da second time XD hehe i think ill give him da password to my other profile 2 :P hehe well oh well ima message him n give him da password n stuff for my other profile :P ttyl XD
Jul 7 2010 12:05PM
:D :P :) :( :)
Hey this is Skittlez lmao hacking this girl
but yea this is tha only profile ik how to hack she has =D
but yea juss droppin by to say i love you(as friend)
nd yea you need to message meh kk =P
im out

Jun 5 2010 4:57PM
Deep Inside
Standing on the beach
Sand between my toes
what lies in my future?
who will come and go?
The sun beams down upon me
As i raise my head and look
At the vast ocean before me
Its size wich i mistook
I feel so insignificant
Compared to this great expanse...
What diffrence can i make?
Will i even be given a chance?
I realize then while standing there
That all i have to do
Is listen to my heart
And it will pull me through
For strength and inspiration
Are not material things
They come from deep inside of you...
Jun 5 2010 4:48PM
Gettin an idea should be like sittin down on
A should make you jump up and do
Jun 5 2010 4:42PM
Every action we take everythin we do is
Either a victory or defeat in the struggle to
Become what we want to be...
Jun 5 2010 4:35PM
Inside of us there lives a light
Burning like fire in the night...
Gleaming down and lighting the way
For hopes and dreams to shine someday...
It gives a brillianceto our lives
And sparkles like diamonds
With a glowing light
For all to see
And never let go
Your dreams are the key...
Jun 5 2010 4:31PM
There is never a better measure of what a per-
son Is than what he does when is absolutely
Free to choose...
Jun 5 2010 4:29PM
Thats the penalty we have to pay for our acts
Of foolishness- someone else always suffers for
Jun 5 2010 4:27PM
Kind words do not cost much...yet they
Accomplish much...


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Aug 16 2013 5:12AM

angel forgot her pw her profile is <3itzmebiitchz<3
Aug 10 2011 8:05PM

Jun 4 2011 9:30PM

May 28 2011 3:21AM

i kinda miss you
Jan 18 2011 7:42PM

I'm just feelin bad
Jan 8 2011 10:05PM

what do YOU want?
Jan 8 2011 6:43PM

O it's ok I guess
Jan 6 2011 9:05PM

Hey I'll b online on Saturday 8:00AM do u want to talk then if it's kool wit u beautiful
Lil Gangster95
Aug 22 2010 4:50AM

How u been
Lil Gangster95
Aug 20 2010 1:21AM

Ight lol XD
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