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why do yew need to know, United States
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i'm lexy i'm emo and bisexual [single] you should message me i love to talk (: [3.22.10] i love music... And that's all I have to say about that:)

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May 13 2011 6:34PM
Do you realize how happy you make me? I love you so much. If you weren't around I don't know where I'd be. Your gorgeous, funny, and just plain amazing(: I'm really glad we are friends. You have no idea. You bring out the best in me. I wish I could show you this, but I know I can't. That would be wrong considering our position as friends. I wish I could tell you how much you mean to me, in person too. But you know me, I'm shy. I just poured my heart out in this. I want you to know I love you and that's never going to change, no matter what.
Jan 24 2011 7:08PM
i love you:) i can't wait for that one special thing to happen:) that would make my LIFE! uhh why can't it happen already:)
Jan 21 2011 7:26PM
Why do you always have to break my heart? :/
Jan 8 2011 2:02AM
I can't wait for that to happen ;)
Jan 1 2011 4:39AM
New year
Happy new years everyone! ;)
Dec 30 2010 4:40PM
I miss you babe<\3
Dec 14 2010 12:30AM
The Best Day
he best day of my life so far is November 20th, 2010 :) that day was just completely amazing<3 :)
Mar 25 2010 9:17PM
its alyssa hacking OH EM GEE SHOES!!!(: vigina penis... (: haha sooo many inside jokes next door 1 day older whore... anyways I LOVE YEW BESTIE!!(: oh em gee oh em gee guess wuht HIII...(: hahaha tehehe hehehe MI BRACLET IS GONE!!!! ): AWE mi lady bug sux it up... poor braclet and poor lady bug... WE SHOULD NAME MI LADY BUG!!! UMMM CARLOS....<33 HEHE i like that name CARLOS anyways im out.. bye bye now!!!


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Dec 18 2010 6:14PM

i miss living next door to u!!<33 haha(:
Dec 5 2010 6:11PM

Lexi <3 Lexi <3
You amaze me chicka ^_^
I Luffle yew :]
-Hannah Marie<3
Oct 16 2010 9:46AM

ur so amazing
Mar 22 2010 11:28PM

Your aweshum like really
Jan 25 2010 2:35PM

1.i ownz u
2.i stole ur comment virginity
3.ur mi sister so back off BETCHS
4.love u
5.alyssa nicole<3 wuz here<3
6.hope u return the favor
7.im out :)
Nov 8 2009 11:32PM

i love u lexy always remember that lolz ily!!!!<33333
Sep 17 2009 1:33AM

Showin LOVE to MI babys page love u baby

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