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heyy................heyy i dont think u need to know bye...................

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Oct 23 2013 5:30PM
Long Time No sEE
Man , Lol I Havent Been On This Thing In So , Long . Im Surprised I even Know My Information Still ... Well **** This Follow me On Twitter : lakhailam or instagram : xlakhailam_ Gone Head ! And Follow
Mar 21 2012 11:42PM
ugh... so sad right now broke up my bf but see iam not mad cuz i gotta new one lol that quick..... iam just soooo sexy
May 20 2011 10:56PM
omg! i just cant wait.
Oct 24 2010 1:28AM
gfu=get f*c*ed up
Aug 31 2010 11:10AM
ask 'me

3 questions

and three honest answers
Jul 2 2010 1:01PM
hey ya'll
yesterday i went too a maranda park party.and it was this dude he was singin and he is famous and he was singin this song caled the forest gump it was fun.

if u read this blog send me a meesage of questions to ask me.

( u can also look on youtube and find the forest gump dance.
Jun 17 2010 1:59AM
if u forward this to 10 pple u will get a very inpartant phone call from avery important person.
it is this boy named chirs frankson he died at 11:23 and will like for u 2 die withhim please die with him

(if u read this i lied u will not get a call from a very important person u willl die with chris in 2 days)
Jun 14 2010 4:53PM
dont hate
dont you just hate when you ask ppl to be there freinds and they turn you down. if sometimes you feel that way leave a comment below.and i will get back to u
Apr 25 2010 9:31PM
im so cute hahahahahaha lolololololo
im the person who can help people with there problems
Mar 7 2010 11:12PM
i lerned how2 do a 360. awsome!


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Jul 2 2010 11:25AM

hi lavonda u can post like 40 blogs on my page it feels good to no my friends are alive
Aug 20 2009 10:41PM

hey just showin sum luv on your page
Jul 23 2009 6:42PM

hey lavonda just making a comment and i was just saying u can check out my blogs any time
Aug 26 2008 5:15PM

Hi lavonda. Some cool games you got there.

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