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casper, United States
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Hey my name is lauralei, but i prefer to be called laura. I live in casper wyoming and I go to kelly walsh high school. I am head cheerleader and school president, i hate it. I am singel wright now. I am 15 years of age and will me 16 in 11 days.
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May 15 2008 9:42PM
My friends are alwees there for me when things dont go wright. Th would fight for me if the had to. I love them all and never wanna loose them. We sometimes fight but we get through it. I hope a guy will never come between us. I truthfully think haveing guy friends are better than having girls as friends because, gurls are preppy and dont listen to your problums, just want to hear themselvs talk. Guys listen to your problums and try there hardest to help you.


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