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yup im emo :\ im mexican and yea ssoo idk talk to me? this is my other profile :| Xx_TeAr_DrOpS_xX

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Sep 21 2009 11:40PM
i quite
May 6 2009 12:56PM
cuando puedo vivir un dia sin tristesa <|3
Apr 1 2009 6:40PM
aaww :'(
omg poor doggies!
SIGN the PETITION, SAY NO and Send it around.
Just think... wat did de dogs do wrong???
send dis message and sign ur name to stop dis cruelty!!!
we will show dis message to the authoratise

On the island of Réunion it has been recently found that dogs are
being used as live shark bait.

Cute li'l Puppy Dogs!!!

The Fishermen (Fishermen My Assss) round up the
dogs and tie its legs up with wire then put i hook
through its nose.

If you have a heart you'll pass this on... these little
guys need your help!! how can u say no?

Jan 23 2009 1:47AM
can you
plzz tlk im board :(
Jan 21 2009 7:15PM
ookkkk then
fine i see how it is :'(
Jan 21 2009 7:06PM
tlk to me plzz im board :'(
Jan 9 2009 1:58AM
soo umm yea
lol.. im board...☠
Jan 9 2009 1:52AM
if u got a myspace
add me if ya wunt to my e-mail is soo yeaaa
Jan 9 2009 1:33AM
board as f-u-c-k!
msg me im sooo board nd lonley :"(


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kRaZy NeLLiE
Feb 15 2009 12:16PM

idk i forgot lolz hmm probably boy troublez lolz
kRaZy NeLLiE
Jan 28 2009 7:18PM

haha kool(:
estoy triste
mr. x to the z
Jan 17 2009 12:23AM

i am watching silent hill and saw 1 2 3 4 and wat r u doin
kRaZy NeLLiE
Jan 11 2009 1:16PM

not much here either lolz juzz here and myspacin lolz so anything new?
mr. x to the z
Jan 11 2009 9:34AM

i am fine and u
kRaZy NeLLiE
Jan 10 2009 9:02PM

no problem! so watz up?
mr. x to the z
Jan 10 2009 1:51AM

nm and u !
mr. x to the z
Jan 9 2009 2:51PM

no problemo
Jun 7 2008 6:03PM

diz is yo first comment :D what's up

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