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Sitting in Hell, United States
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I'm the crazy emo girl from Hell, I write poetry, , and cry alone..... (//.v)

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Feb 13 2011 8:41PM
R.I.P Lainey
In Rememberance of Lainey Marie.
Hello my name is Jasmine, Laineys older sister, a couple months ago Lainey commited suicide by hanging and blood loss, because people in this world didn't realize that that were being really mean to her, so in the end she had killed herself, and the only reason why im writting this is because i want everyone to realize what can happen when your mean to someone, she died at age 14 and will never be able to do the things most will be able to do, she never had the chance to get married, have a child, rasie a family, drive, go to prom, get a job or go to collage, and she was not the only one hurt, the day she died me and her were fighting so i went to my friends house, and i kinda blam myself for pushing her over the edge with our fight and the saddest thing is ill never be able to say sorry for the fight and i remember the last words i said to her was that i hated her and ill never be able to take it back...
Jan 2 2011 12:06AM
Poem For my Love
Maybe the rain will never stop,
Maybe the sun will never shine,
Maybe the world is a mean place,
Maybe the people in it are even meaner,
But, I do Love you.
Jul 30 2010 9:49AM
Knives and Love
If you were a knife I'd stabe my heart with you <3
Jul 18 2010 8:08PM
fill in blanks and sent it to my inbox
i ____ you. You make me _______.

You should _______me. Someday I will ______you. You + me = ________.

If I saw you now I'd __________you. I want to ________ you. I

would build a _______ just for you.

If I could sing you any song it would be _________.

We could __________ under the stars.

Love, _________


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she is crazy
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yo yo yo was up
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