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****, Chad
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You whimper while I check my phone, Who's next assassin roam music drifts I have no home. Choose this life you're on your own.

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Jan 10 2013 10:55PM
I'll have no remorse, your life has run its course.
Mar 3 2012 5:16PM
You will always be there
When insecurity hits me like a raging wind
Be with me, Father Satan
When doubt strikes me like lightning
Remind me of truth
When fear over powers me
Hold me in your wing, Great Dragon
If pain grabs me like a claw
Heal me, with your mighty power
When depression fills me as water in a well
Shower my soul with joy, Beautiful Peacock Angel
Anxiety creeps through my mind, taking over my thoughts
Place me on solid ground
When I feel I am not good enough,
Make my spirit shine as a star, Wise Serpent
And if I feel that it is too hard to go on
Give me strength
Feb 15 2012 4:52PM
why i live

In the beginning, a flame burned in you

It set you apart

Never were you in the womb

Of some “all”

You had a conscience

Making them want your fall

O Prince of Darkness, keeper of knowledge

Prince of Darkness, the ruler of night

Prince of Darkness, teacher of secrets

Lucifer, bringer of light

Stagnation was a disease, forbidding progress

You stood alone in your frustration

Wanting to move the universe

You fought for change

Nothing would be the same

O Prince of Darkness, the one who loves

Prince of Darkness, the one who hates

Prince of Darkness, the fire that burns

Melek Taus, Peacock so blue

Initiation comes from you, Leader supreme

Gifts abound from your courage

Now we can dream

When there once was nothing

Now there is plenty

Life can move on, we are free

O Prince of Darkness, bringer of chaos

Prince of Darkness, example of bravery

Prince of Darkness, breaker of chains

Satan, adversary to slavery
Jan 13 2012 6:26PM
simple prayer
Teach me, Lord Satan, the knowledge of the ages
Guide me in thy wisdom
Let me feel thy presence and experience what you have for me
Don’t let me be bound by irrefutable doctrines
But lead me to true freedom
Give me the strength to leave my comfort zone
To explore that which is forbidden by those who believe they are wise
Take away the fear that binds me

Set me on my true path
But if you don’t think I am ready, let it be as a sunrise
Allow me to see your light as well as your darkness
The fullness of who you are
Satan, Melek Taus, Lucifer, Azazel
If I could have anything, it would be to know your truth
To believe in what is real
Not in someone else’s insanity

So as I walk down this narrow road
Don’t let me be discouraged
As it is you who have placed me upon it


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Jun 5 2012 1:44PM

KIZARNI!!! ..Come back.
I Miss the crap out of you :c

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