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Nov 30 2008 7:01PM
all my peeps
hey all my peeps wat yall doin my peeps are so real its like we can keep a real deal and just cause the fact that they are my peeps we make other people weep. my peeps are real and they care for real about who represent and who cant peeps are so real we make haterz weep and they weep so bad they look like willow trees haterz look so silly when i come around lookin and fillin better than they do.ill keep you occupied while i grab my glock and get beat.
Nov 30 2008 6:50PM
hey to all my haterz
hey haterz if you hatin you makin me even more famous just cause my path is straight dont mean you gotta follow mine cause yours is half way straight dont give you the right to hate cause then one day ill make it rain and if your are hatin you can keep on cause im appreciatin and the fact that you hate makes me feel good so keep doin your job which is hate and ill do my job and appreciate.
Nov 30 2008 6:43PM
hey to all my friends
hey to all my friends just putting this out there hey you guys if you want to be my fried just add me and tell me to add you and the minute your my friend the minute i look out for you so just puttin it out there


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Aug 8 2009 2:24PM

jk u know u my home girl
Aug 8 2009 2:04PM

u need to get online and just stop actin like you all that bye

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