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яєαρи ∂α ѕσυтнѕι∂є, United States
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Dis is Me!!~ im ĶĨĶĨβ, n i luv playin sportz lyke b-ball, softball, cheerin, volleyball, NeEthing datz fun 2 m3. i also am a great crump dancer. im cute nd a cool person 2 b wit. nd so hit me up ㎡z.к-๒∆レレⅰи'
Latin Kings: ~*Qween Keekz*~

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Jan 12 2013 8:21PM
I used to love this site now I jus on twitter and Instagram go follow me shout me out on twitter @bunni_boo_kili and Instagram @bunni_boo_k33kz
May 5 2012 12:29PM
say wow
damn its been a min since ive been on this my life is crazy. things havent changed much tho
Dec 25 2011 11:36PM
twitter me (not like that lollzx)
im barely on here forgot all abt it lollzx but catch me on twitter @iAm_KiKiB thats where ima be
Oct 29 2011 10:29PM
Look at me
When u look at me, what do u see? A life like pin up from playboy magazine? I'm not a doll or that picture on your wall I am a real human being.
Oct 20 2011 3:23PM
I'm friends with myself and no one else matters right now
Oct 11 2011 10:42AM
Can dis class get any more boring glad we bouta get out
Oct 3 2011 10:29AM
I don't know what's going on here lol
Be on it like you want it like you need it gon and flaunt it just don't taunt cus ain't cool but watching dem drool rules hahahahahahahahahaha
Sep 29 2011 2:23PM
Sooooo can this class get anymore boring lol like got damn dis teacher talks too damn much y did ibother coming today #pause haha!!!!!!!!!!
Aug 20 2011 8:47PM
dang aint ben on dis bad boy in a min haha aint nun changed tho lollzx
Jun 2 2011 12:50AM
ask me if i give a ****
ask me if i give a **** seems like nobody does anymore i take a bullet to save a life but my good luck is no more its like the more i do the more i always seem to **** it up so i guess if you dont care no more ask me if i give a ****.


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