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y u wonna know, United States
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im cute, intelligent, nice and small

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Mar 22 2011 9:25PM
why'd i have to repost thiz?
dont read this u will be kissed on the nearest possible friday by the love of ur life now youv'e stared reading thisdont stop this is freaky 1.say your moms name 10 times 2.sayyour moms..... name five
times.see more. see more. see more.
3.say your crushes three times 4.pasts this to four others groups if you do crush your will kiss if you dont then you will have very bad luck.
.sead this to 5.gruops in 143 minutes when your done press f6 in your done your crushs name will appear in big letters on the screen this is freaky because it really works!
Mar 16 2011 6:36PM
haha jus tryin to come in to some money for repostin thiz
im miss him!
Jan 25 2011 9:25PM
OMG i was just in a opera and i spoke in italian im famous now im not really but now my name is put out there and i was in it with a bunch of known people its soo fun and im giving a shout out to VERONICA she was my gangsta in it we were in it to win it its sooo fun tghanks for ur time hope you luff me hAHA NOT REALLY BUT IM SERIOUS ABOUT SOME PEOPLE
Oct 28 2010 9:13PM
3oh3 is AMAZIIING double vision!!!!!!!
Jul 14 2010 2:13PM
sup guys ima sexy beast and i smell good im hungree nikki come and pick me up NOW .[ goin 2 the mall]
May 18 2010 9:43PM
GHOST FACES!!!!!!!!!!!!
iM a NinJa !1
Dec 30 2009 7:28PM
all about camille kikis cuz
hi im kikis cuzin i just wonna say somthin real fast kiki is my favvvvoritest cuzin in the universe im cool, outgoing,and preppy my cuzin kiki thinks im really preppy but im nott my favorite thing 2 do is cheerleading all my friends think i rock and my crush is jaylyn butt he moved to atlanta. before he left he told me he loved me and i slapped him and my friends carried him down the steps so now i HATE him, aka camille kiki wants to say somthin real quick this is kiki now if camille said that she loves cheerleading u know shes preppy me and her style are totally oposite
Dec 30 2009 1:17AM
im a ninjaaaaa
hi whatt upp dudes hola my bfffffs are gabriella ,roniesha, marisa,trenayla , brandy,nashaunda,veronica,camille,and jayla well i cant really name them all they all my gs butt the last 2 are my cousins and im a ninja i have ninja reflexes and im a beast at jerkin and rejectin and i love skinny jeans im preppy and ska8t3r but more sk8t3r ill tell some more l8t3r butt i hate writing so i got 2 go holla ur a jerk


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Apr 23 2010 3:24PM

thisss ish my wittlle cuzzo
be nice to her or else [[DunDunDun]]
i will hunt
you down and do bad stuff
to you!!
Nov 5 2008 8:02PM

Jul 2 2008 11:18AM

just stopping by 2 show ur page sum luvvv
Jun 30 2008 1:02PM


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