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Feb 16 2012 5:17PM
add my other profile if ya want to talk :)
Feb 15 2012 8:08PM
I got dance tonight
Really excited tho
Feb 15 2012 7:26PM
Hey guys wats up with all this
I'm cutting my self
And it feels good
Kinda sht the thing is and not to be rude or a b****
But lik wat you do is your bisness
Lik why do we need to know you cut
It's kinda sad
Feb 15 2012 7:48AM
Now y would you even message me tht
I dnt care I stopped Carein
at this point itz da middle finger flip
Feb 15 2012 1:32AM
Well I off
I'm off to bed!!!
To my husband: I love you
# Mrs.slone is outtie
Feb 15 2012 12:24AM
.....for real!!
dad: hey guys I know it's late....
(I interrupt) 
Me: yeah it is isn't it
Brianna: lol true
dad: well we need to talk
mom: walks down the steps
me: nice of you to join
mom: don't be smart
Me: I wasent just saying anyway wats up
mom: well me and your dad have some shocking news
Dad: we are going to have a new addition to the familey 
me: so we getting a puppy
dad: *looks at me like I'm stupid*
me: WHAT!!
mom: I'm pregnant!!
Me and Brianna: *blank looks*
(compleat silence)
me: good night *picks up amreion *
Brianna : Wow *gets Carter *
me and Brianna : *walks out the room*
Feb 15 2012 12:11AM
My life
lil Sis-brianna
lil bro-Carter
lil bro-amreion
Best friend: Travis <3
husband: LOGAN!!! <3
Feb 14 2012 11:45PM
So I'm walkin by my parents room and I hear
Wat will da kids think?? What will Kenzie think
SOOO naturally hearin my name I stopped and Lisened through da door
but I culdent make out all the words
I got the IMPORTANT one tho
here's how it went
dad: what are the kids going to say
Mom: what will makenzie think?!?!!
Dad: are you sure it's right
Mom: yep its POSITIVE!!!
Dad: (idk)
Mom: this is a blessing but it's bad
Dad: well we'll tell makenzie and Brianna tommow

#freaking out!! This b**** better not be prego
Feb 14 2012 8:20PM
Awww my baby
From: loganisbeast
Date: Feb 14 2012 8:18PM
Subject: RE: ...
Dear Babe,

I am glad that finally, I have found someone like you. Now that I have you here with me, I would like to let you know how happy and grateful I am for you... every night I thank God for sending you to me. I may not tell you this as often as you expect me to, but trust me, I love you with all my heart and my soul. You mean so much to me.

It is you that I want to see waiting for me at the altar... it is also you that I want to hold my hand in the delivery room and it is you that I want to spend my life with. Now that we're together I promise to be always true to you, to love you and trust you. I love you more than anything this life can offer me.

You made me realize that I don't need to wait for everybody's approval for anything... as long as I am happy and as long as it feels right for me. I guess destiny has lead you to me so I guess we're really meant for each other. Now I know everything's going to be okay because I have you with me now....

Love always,

Logan :)
Feb 14 2012 8:15PM
Gonna make a new one this one is acting wired!!!


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Im Mr.Happy
Jan 9 2012 1:31PM

Hey Sis.
Just stopping by 2 show u some love from, ur brother.
You MEAN ALOT to me sis. I have alot of friends who are girls,
and we are like brother and sister. But with you, It seems
like we are actually brother and sister. Your always here
for me and you NEVER leave my side no matter what.
Your my sister yesterday, today, tommorow, and forever.
Jan 9 2012 11:24AM

Hi bestie lol
Ur so cool
Glad I met you
Ur the funniest person I know swell as the sweetest
Showin ur page love
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