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My name is Kendyl! Message me if you want to talk! #rip it and grip it ♥motocross is my life♥

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Nov 14 2014 6:28PM
Even though you weren't planned mommy is still going to love you no matter what can't wait to see you hopefully in 7 months
Sep 18 2014 6:22PM
wanting to meet new people
Someone message me.
Jun 13 2014 9:59PM
so done
Bored af message me
Jun 1 2014 3:46PM
im so in love with him
Got to spend all day with him yesterday, it was nice waking up to him in the morning
May 30 2014 10:44PM
Dream Come True
The bae is staying across the street from me for a while. I love him so much.
Apr 5 2014 1:52AM
He's perfect
Best day of my life. Got to spend it with him! He's amazing. No words can explain how much I love him. He means everything to me.
Mar 29 2014 10:58AM
skype or tango?
Lets Skype or Tango.
Mar 24 2014 6:47PM
bores af
Havent been on here for a while so hmu!
Mar 9 2014 7:29PM
love him
So glad I got to spend the day with him. No words can explain how much he means to me. These past years that I've known him have been the best hes helped me through a lot and has stood by my side since day one of my passion. Im so lucky to have such an amazing guy in my life.
Mar 9 2014 5:08PM
he makes everything better
Hes amazing! ♥♥♥


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Mar 2 2014 7:53PM

Hey get on please!!
Dec 30 2013 2:17PM

Sorry Kendyl and you shouldn't care you're taken anyways
Dec 19 2013 10:53AM

love you baby
Nov 27 2013 12:30PM

bye, have fun :)
Nov 20 2013 6:07PM

don't leave!
Nov 18 2013 12:34AM

Unblock me

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