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I'm 17 n I love dicks n guy that will eat me out straight

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Nov 6 2012 1:52AM
Uhhh I want somebody to eat me out
Oct 21 2012 5:12AM
I'm on n ready to cyber with any guys so message me: )


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Jan 8 2013 8:03PM

My name is Jenny. I am 16 years old and have dark blonde hair. NOW THAT YOU HAVE STARTED READING YOU MAY NOT STOP! I was murdered July 14th with my fathers shotgun and butcher knife. If you do not post this on 20 other pages I will come to your house in the middle of the night and kill you with my fathers shotgun and butcher knife. You have 5 hours to complete this task. Don't believe me, *maria marshall, Pelham, Texas 1998, was showing and went to bed right after, found dead the next morning. * keisha jones, Nashville, Tennesee 1995, fell asleep while watching television and mother heard gunshot and scream, found next morning lying on the floor. omar wilkionsin, milwaukee, wisconsin 2002, reading a book to go to bed and was shot and stabbed through the book after he fell asleep. Still don't believe me? google their names....Trust me I did not want to paste this. But its kinda scary so I did it just to be sure
Nov 7 2012 1:32AM

I own this sexy ass babes wall lol showin some love ;P i steal ur comment virginity

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