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hollister CA. (45min north of san jose), United States
About Me:
im kayla freitas.ppl call me kebra or catwoman(plz dont ask y).im a softmore in high school. im nice and like to hang with friends. im currently homless lol. my dad and my mom never got married but i live with my dad who currently doesnt have a job.

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Feb 13 2010 11:42AM
the valintines dance is today
i waz asked by 2 guys
they both hella like me
but witch one do i go with
kaku-the one from hawii
or josh-the on tha iv known sence 6th grade
they both look hot
but that doesnt matter
Feb 9 2010 7:42PM
boys are great friends
yea they can be mean
but when ur feeling down
they no how to make you laugh
with out pissing u off...
some times
Feb 9 2010 7:39PM
girls r stupid
i no i am a girl
but they just arnt
good friends
and they cauz to much drama.
they just go talk **** behined ur back!!!
Feb 6 2010 4:00PM
the dance lastnight :)
waz hella bomb!!!(it was to support a girl who has cancer "danceing for diana") but yea i had fun and i hella got some other chick pissed cuz i waz grinding on all of are guy friends but shes fat so they wanted the hella sexy one in the goup!! yea i no i can be a b****!!!


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