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Im a outgoing fun articstic person in general. my name is karlee. im looking for someone to chat with.... :o)

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Dec 18 2010 2:07PM
boys and me
there is these two boys that i like at school. like i like them so so so so so so so so much. one of their names is logan west. he has dirty blond hair and brown eyes. he is very funny. and has a great personallity. the other one is dylan becker. he has dark brown hair and blue eyes. he is very cool. he also has a great personallity. i wish they could just tell me how they fill because people keep tellin me they BOTH like me. they are like my best buds. i sit with dylan at lunch. and play with logan at recess.
Dec 18 2010 1:47PM
omg! omg! omg!
its almost christmas time!

commet on my blog and write if you believe in santa and 5 things or less that you want for x-mas.
Aug 1 2010 5:12PM
birthday partied out
today i went to my cousins birthday party. she turnin 4. and guess what. i have had my moms bday (july 4) my grandmas (july 30) and my cousins (today) and my dads is comin up this wednesday (agust 4) and my dogs is the same as my dads. my dad,my mom,my dog, and me have bdays on the forth. mine is november 4!!!!!!!
Jul 31 2010 4:57PM
bored and tiered
im so bored. im ao tired.i might be intrested in TALKING TO SOMEONE!!!!! can anyone, just anyone talk.
Jul 31 2010 9:58AM
Im waiting to go to the poool. super bored my mom hopefully will come to.


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Sep 11 2010 8:16PM

Hey Karlee1006!!!!!!!

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