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hangin w/ my friends & baby in the, United States
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i luv listenin 2 GOOD music, & hangin out with my baby

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Jan 17 2010 1:18AM
sooo borrred
of coarse im bored,
cause like no1's on.
so if ur actually on,
message me!!!!!!!
Dec 29 2009 7:00PM
"love chain"
i thought this sounded kinda kool so im continuin the chain

98% marry their 7-12th grade sweethearts
& because you opened this.... You will get
A good talk tomorrow by the person you love or like!
& it will also be the best day of your life!
Do not break this chain
Repost this as "2009 couples"
You' ve got 1 minute
Dec 29 2009 6:55PM
i know ur out there!!!!!
hey if ur readin this i know ur out there. so send me a message!!!!
Dec 29 2009 5:58PM
bored bolg
hey im bored& want 2 messege. soo if u want 2 messege mi!!!!
Dec 28 2009 11:26PM
hey im soooooo bored, some1 talk 2 me!!!!!!!
Dec 28 2009 5:45PM
if ur on message me!!!! it will b totally awesome!!!!!! =]
Dec 28 2009 1:59PM
message me!!!!
hey i just joined , soo message me. trust me it will b awesome!!!!!!!!!


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Dec 29 2009 9:36PM

she is AWESOME so dont talk because u a hater
Dec 28 2009 2:30PM

if anyone is mean to this gurl ur dead meat
Dec 28 2009 1:33PM

no one f*u*c*k with this girl shes awesome when u get to know her!!!!<3

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