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Albert Lea,MN, United States
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I like to have firends to hang out with! I'm in the sxith grade.I like video games,club penguin, roblox, watching TV,Pirates of the carrabain,and be on most fun games alot. My hobbies are basketball and football. And I like to watch wwe!!John Cena!!!

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Sep 18 2010 7:48AM
I'm bored!!
Lol Bored....... Nobody to talk to....(unlesss someone talks to me) ........................ -_- Still bored........ Lol
Sep 15 2010 8:26PM
New Fav Song
Kayne West - Runaway!! Lol Someone message me. i'm bored.
Sep 15 2010 5:14PM
I'm ****ing bored!!!
If anyone is reading this plz message me!
Sep 13 2010 5:48PM
If anyone wants to talk message me!
Sep 12 2010 10:53AM
2009 Couples
98% marry their 7-12th grade sweethearts
& because you opened this.... You will get
A good talk tomorrow by the person you love or like!
& it will also be the best day of your life!
Do not break this chain
Repost this as "2009 couples"
You' ve got 1 minute
Sep 12 2010 10:22AM
I'll probaly live my whole life alone........
Sep 12 2010 9:52AM
My new fav Songs.
Nelly- Just a dream,Eminem-Not afraid, Eminem-Love the way you lie,Jason Derulo-Riding Solo.
Sep 11 2010 9:59AM
HELL! (a.k.a. 6th Grade)
Lol What that says ^^^^^
Jul 22 2010 4:11PM
Lol i'm bored
Someone message me and we can chat.
Jul 22 2010 4:10PM
I'm back!!!
Omg it's been so long since i been on here.Lol i don't even remember half my friends. and why we are friends.
lol but yay for me going to chicago for 9 days leaveing tommorow. So all you ppl that are read this.F*** you!!
Jk Lol you ppl are awesome!! Bye Lol Changing my profile pic two oh eah and try Roblox . if you do Send a friend request to malakowsky anytime after 14 days.Oh yeah and i'm on Facebook!! Well my e-mail is kaleb_ski@charter.net so use that to serch me on facebook. if i get e-mails from random ppl i'll look at them but i probally won't Reply unless i want to. Lol bye pplz.
P.S. Oh yeah and Watch Ray William Johnson on youtube he's awesome!!


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