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Mar 17 2011 1:30AM
toot it and boot it
no lie just found out my cuzin wrks wit yg
May 2 2009 2:49PM
they sayin on this website that u would be able to audition for tv shows do u think i should go 4 tha gold /1 means yes /2 means no/ 3 means idk /send wat u think i should do and why i should do it
Apr 15 2009 11:18PM
not cool
if you think ur better than me u aint fresh az im iz
Apr 11 2009 11:32AM
4 da grlz
people say I suck @ poetry but I do it 4 da one I truly luv heres a short poem roses r red violets r blue ur eyez r beautiful just like u ur eyez just twinkle in da early night sky but my heart gets ready 2 fly high
Apr 1 2009 6:33PM
This is 4 the grls
Comment me 1: super hot 2.never in your life 3:hot kid 4:I wanna be ur grlfrnd 5:u 2 fine 4 me 6:I think I'm in love wit u. 7:u r the hottest guy I have ever seen in my life.
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Oct 20 2009 11:03PM

yeah i guess im not on when u r i have been busy tho srry
ßåbi j0k3r
May 6 2009 10:32PM

nuttin juz chillin wbu?
Apr 9 2009 12:06AM

hey wats up

just doppin by 2 say hy :D
Apr 7 2009 5:00PM

Thanx fah dha add
Jus comminq thru tah sho yew nd ur page sum lub
aron to fresh
Mar 24 2009 10:45PM

sup josh yo this my bro u mess with him u messen with me ighht nga duces

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